wanna join me? ttc for 1st
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Anna - July 6

My DH and I are ttc for our 1st. We are having some difficulty but taking things one day at a time. Similar situation? Join me!


shen - July 6

hi, i'm also ttc for our first..how long have you been ttc? and are you on any meds?
i have been ttc for almost 2 years and have a problem of pcos...i'm on metformin and injectables to induce ovulation..clomid didn't work for me...hope to hear from you soon :)


Anna - July 6

Hi shen! I went off my BC beginning of May in hopes of concieving but never started my af. I stopped counting after cycle day 50! I was on BC for four years for very irregular periods and actually never had a problem having an af when off of it for a month or so. My OB/GYN has just started me on Provera in hopes of getting my cycles back in order but said if it doesn't work this time, then it's onto fertility drugs. There's also a chance that I may have PCOS but hopefully that's not the case. What are your symptoms with PCOS? *****BABY DUST*****


Chrissy - July 6

I am in the same boat with all of you. We are ttc with our first and it seems like its taking forever. I just found out that Im ovulating *very excited*. So hopefully we can pregnant soon:-) Baby dust to all & keep thinking positive:)


Amanda - July 6

Hi Anna...... i have been trying for almost 5 years. i go tomorrow for a pelvic ultrasound and then next tuesday for a HSG. Im very excited . This will be a first child if it ever happens. Which im trying to keep a positive attitude. It will be so nice to know if there is anything wrong or not.
I am on provera for 10days to get my period back to normal . It is so strange it started messing up this past month. I would enjoy keepin in contact with everyone from this questions so we can share our experiences and maybe learn something.. talk you all laters
baby dust to all!!!!!


Hula - July 6

Hi Chrissy,Anna, Amanda
We are currently trying for our 1st also. I just got off birth control in March , my period has been monthly, but not ovulating every month. I start my first round of clomid next month. Ill keep my fingers crossed for all of us .Baby Dust to all of You!


Amanda - July 6

Hey Hula i have a question.... when you start your clomid. do u have to do other stuff to when u take clomid. Is it as simple as taking a pill or is there blood work or shots that have to be done with it???? Thank you for the information . good luck to u all


kim - July 6

hey there, i'm trying for my first too! i've been trying since jan 1 after 10 yrs on bc. i just went to the dr because when i charted my bbt's this month it showed i wasn't o'ing. so now i have an u/s on july 13th and don't get to see a gyno until sept 29th!! hula, how did you get clomid so fast? my dr said they don't do anything until after 1 yr of trying, but i think she's sick of seeing me every couple of weeks, so she's finally getting me help!! i'd like to know the signs of PCOS too. thanks!


Drew - July 6

Hi Ladies, I already have a 7 year old, but this will be dh's first biologically. For me though, its almost like my first too. 7 years seems like such a long time.... I can't really remember much about symptoms, the feelings ect. We have been ttc for 5 years with one m/c. Good luck all, and ~~~Baby Dust~~~


kim - July 6

drew, the last time you responded to my post you were on cd23 what's up? like i said above, my dr is helping me now!


Drew - July 6

What do you mean whats up? I'm on cd 31 now, so your last post must have been awhile ago.... and thats great that your doc's helping you but I read that in your above post...... sorry, maybe I'm just missing something....


Anna - July 6

Amanda(or anyone else) since your on Provera, do you know how it actually works? To my understanding it causes the lining in your uterus to change and shed itself. But do you ovulate on it? I couldn't get a clear answer from my OB/GYN office. The nurse there said that you could get pregnant because it stimulates your ovaries but never said if your supposed to ovulate on it.??? So I thought maybe someone else on it may know. Drew, good to hear from you! I was on that other thread with the whole Christy and orgasm thing. Decided it was time to move on!!! Can you believe it's still going on too?!
Just to let you know, you had some great, interesting info. to offer on that and I think you carried a valid point! Keep writing all! *****BABY DUST*****


Amanda - July 6

Hey Anna.... well i just wanted to let you know that i dont know to much about provera actually.. only thing i know is that it straightens out womans periods ...like it put it back on track. but ill do some research on it and get back with you on it .. thanks


kim - July 6

sorry to be confusing, drew. what i meant was when i had written my own question(it was "for drew") a while back and you responded, you said you were on cd 23, so i was just checking up, that's all, sorry about that.


Drew - July 6

Sorry if I sounded harsh.... I thought I might have missed something, now I know what you meant! Yeah, I'm on cd 31 and counting! I'm so glad your doc is helping, you can get to the bottom of things. With me the pcos gives me pain, mostly on the left side, and more when I ovulate. I have a really hard time losing weight, and really long cycles. They seen the cysts through ultrasound, and found the insulin resistance through blood work. They say acne, and excess facial and body hair are signs aswell, but I have neither of those. The u/s should provide some answers. Again, Kim, I'm so sorry! There have been so many catty people on here that its hard to distinguish when someone is being catty or not. I'm so sorry!! Anyway better cut this off cause it's getting kinda long! ~~~Baby Dust~~~ to all :)


To Amanda - July 7

I luckily dont have to take anything else. I used to have irregualr periods then i was on Birth control. Even after i stopped taking them, my period has been regular. My OB and I were both surprised. I had a friend that would take Provera at the same time with Clomid. It just depends on your body. Ill just be taking the Clomid and well see eventually If things arent going well, i might need to take soomething else too.


Amanda - July 7

Hey everyone ... well i just got back from having a pelvic ultrasound...and a vaginal ... (i dont believe there is nothing more worse than having a full blatter and then having then push down on it... ) lol... well ill find out my results in a week.... but when i was there the lady that was doing the ultrasound, she asked me if they had done blood work to check my hormones and i told her no. she couldnt believe that they havent checked that. So when i go next tuesday for the HSG im going to ask my doctor if she can do all the blood work for hormones. Especially testosterone and the reason being to check that is it will really tell if you have pcos. So we will see.. How is everyone else doing???? Any news?? well lots and lots of baby dust to all...



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