wanna join me ttc 1rst conted...
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eb - January 15

Hope you guys find the new post.


JND - January 16

Found the post, nothing new with me.


eb - January 17

Hi hope everyone finds the post soon. JND, how are you? Me i'm good cd 14 and no post opk yet. Still waiting.


Anna - January 17

Hey girls! Nothing new with me. Just getting fatter each day! The baby's been kicking me in the crotch all day long! How's everyone?


eb - January 18

Hey everyone , well i have lots of ewcm, but when i did opk it was a faulty one it turned pink on half and only produced half test and hald reference line, and now i can't pee again. Hopefully won't o till thurs or fri. DH will be home on thurs. so that would be good timing, even though chances are slim that his count has improved much while he was gone. But hey it's woth a shot and were always glad to see each other after 14 days... Hope everyone else is okay. Jamie only 2 more weeks until your appt. How are you??


Madison - January 18

I'm going to take a break from posting and stuff for awhile to get a complete break from things. Hope you all get the bfp's you are looking for and Anna that your pregnancy continues to go well! :) Take care


Jamie - January 18

Hey girls... sorry it has been a few days since I checked in. I am just waiting for our appointment - I cannot wait to get going with things. My dh as you can probably imagine is not too excited about the sa, but he realizes it needs to be done. In the next week, we have two baby showers at school for 2 different ladies here. Ugh!! Other than that nothing is new. Just trying to stay sane until our appointment.


eb - January 18

Hi all, Jamie, glad to hear you are okay. I took another opk a little while ago still neg ::::::::( I do have a question. Did fertility drugs wreck havic with your complexion? My face is a mess and i'm breaking out on my back now too. Yuck. I'm not sure a dermatologist would be able to help if its hormone related. Any of your have this?? Jamie how late did you ovulate while taking the clomid? I'm begining to wonder if 50 mgs will work, or if i did o really early on cd 5... Oh well, dh will be home tomorrow. I have progest count mon morning and his urologist appt is at 1:00 so we'll have a busy day.


eb - January 20

Hi, just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend!! No pos opk yet. Guess we'll find out monday when i go for progest count. Dh dr appt is mon too. My step daughter came to our house to start her 2 weeks with us yesterday sick, she's been running high fever and just doesn't feel goo. Leaving work early to go see about her. Check in later.


JND - January 20

Hi everyone. Just came home from my doctors appt. We got to hear the heart :) 166 BPM, I have only gained 1lb. but doctor says most of the weight gain is in the end. I have a US in 2-3 weels but we can't find out the sex yet it's just to make sure everything is progressing like it should and then he wants to see me in 4 more weeks. Eb, mon. will be here soon, sorry your step daughter is sick it sure has be going around this year. Last weekend dh's temp. was 103.8 but they said it was just viral, he was down for about a week. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Jamie - January 21

eb - I ovulated between cd 16-20 when I was on clomid (and when I did ovulate)...what cd are you? I am cd 16 today and who knows if I have ovulated! I am just enjoying this month before the fun starts... lol. How is your step daughter doing? JND - glad to hear everything is going well with you!! How are you feeling?


eb - January 21

Just thought i'd check in before heading to bed. Today is cd 18. My step daughter is doing okay, dr says its a viral infection going around. High fever and cough. She just doesn't feel good. We were up with her half the night. Hopefully she'll sleep better. Jamie, thanks for the info. I guess i'll find out mon. if i oed or not. I'll keep you guys posted on our appointments.


eb - January 21

well girls i am soo tired. dtep daughter was up all night again, she seemed to be getting worse, so i took her to a different dr this am , and they did a flu test and it was positive, so shes got the flu, he gave her 3 meds and said no school until she's fever free for at least 24 hrs. At least we know why she feels so bad. Hopefully she'll sleep better tonight with the medicine they gave her. Talk to you guys later.


eb - January 23

well girls, the clomid didn't help me this month. AF arrived and boy can i feel her, cramps!!! I am only on cd 20 today so this really sucks! I have to call re tomorrow b/c i don't know what to do. I don't think there is any need for progest count now. I'll let you guys know what i find out. :((


eb - January 23

Hi, I talked to re nurse she is suppossed to call me back today or tomorrow. Urgh , I'm getting soo frustrated. I went with dh to urologist we sat there for two hours and the nurse came in and said, the dr won't be able to see you he's in emergency surgery at the hospital you'll have to reschdule. We were sooo mad. We have him an appt on feb 17 with a different dr, b/c he didn't really like this dr, so i basicly wasted a day, but i got to spend it with dh. Hope you guys are doing well.


eb - January 24

Hey girls, any of you around?? I talked to re today. He wants us to take two months off of the meds, get dh seen about and see him on 3/27 to talk about options and where to go from there. He says the meds shouldn't be shortening my cycles, so hopefully the break from meds will help. So we will be relaxing for the next two months and see what happens. Maybe it'll happen befor our appt, who knows.. How's everyone? Jamie, this week and a few days next week until your appt. Hope your ok.


Jamie - January 24

eb- I am so sorry af arrived... doesn't it just stink? And on top of it the stuff at the doctors... don't you just love them? Anyhow I am feeling pretty good. Today is cd20 for me. Af arrived on cd19 of last cycle so I am doing better than last month... I am really anxious for our appointment - hopefully we will be able to jump right in to ttc!!



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