waitng for af on feb. 24th, wanna wait with me??
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Dianna - February 18

Hey everyone !!! I decided that I will not test on the 25th If AF does not show I will test on the 28th on DH birthday.How are you doing DD I don't have to ask Sasha she will find me LOL. I got your message about the enable cookies Sasha Thanks It still isn't working I will have my sister do it for me.


SashaP - February 18

Ok I'm offically stalking you. Sorry it didn't work thats how I enabled my cookies. Hope you ladies are having a lovely day.


Dianna - February 19

GM all Sasha LOL you are funny. I took my BBT this morning it shot up from 99.1 to 99.8 I was not feeling well at all yesterday all I wanna do is lay down I stayed in the bed all yesterday.I only got on the thread when I came out the bathroom.I will check in later im going to lay back down.Take care everyone and lots of baby dust~~~~~~~~~~~~


SashaP - February 19

Mine still high too it was 97.9 yesterday it was 97.86 today but atleast it's still high. If I was anywhere aroung high 98's or 99's my dr's would think I had a fever. I've always had a low body temp. My tummy was upset this morning but otherwise I'm feeling about the same as I have been my bbs are a little more sore though. How many dpo are you?


Dianna - February 19

I am 9dpo I am due for AF on the 24th 0r 25th I am still in shock about the temp rise I never went past 98.8. For me to rise up in the 99. range. It still could be the clomid that was added to my metformin. It is just a matter of days now. My back feels like someone put weights on it. I still have all my symptoms
The only thing added is the back and tired all the time.


SashaP - February 19

Well my cramps are starting to back off when I have them now it's just more intense. But everything else is staying the same I'm 10 dpo but still trying not to test till next weekend. I've been working on the future nursery all day. It gives me something to look forward to. I'm tired all the time to but it was a long week at work so maybe I'm just tired from that. Being so bloated is killing me right now I've been wearing yoga and sweatpants all weekend I only have 1 pair of jeans that will fit me right now. Did you take clomid this month? If you did some symptoms maybe from that, thats why they switched me to femara. I was so symptomatic that I would have sworn I was pg. Hopefully it's not the femara making me feel this way they swear it dosen't have those type of side affects. How are you feeling otherwise? I hope DD is doing ok she hasn't posted for a couple of days.


shelermomma - February 19

Hey guys my name is Jessica I'm on IUI #4 now this month I will begin HCG inject. with u/s to measure follicles. I'm expecting AF 22-24 so I'll be waiting with you.


Dianna - February 19

Im just getting up from another nap. i just can't seem to stay awake. Welcome Shelermomma.Im trying not to drink anything because i keep running to the bathroom to Tinkle.This is my first month of clomid the Dr. has me on 100mg.I haven't gotten the headaches hotflashes and I wasn't sick on the stomach.I read a lot of things people had from the side effect. I've read it even makes you feel like you are prego but will your BBT take a big jump in Temp like I have. I went from 1dpo 98.3 to 9dpo 99.8. All the times I BBt it never went pass 98.6 But I will wait to see what happens. Well Sasha and shelermomma we are in the count down down less than a week to go.
Baby Dust to each and everyone of you Smoochies~~~~~~~~~~~~


SashaP - February 19

I know I was very symptomatic I had hot flashes was sick to my stomach the whole nine yards. I don't know about the bbt I wasn't doing then. But I'm very sensitive to meds thats why I had such a reaction. I hope you are preggo it sucks to have the symptoms and not be. I hope your having a lovely day. Baby dust and bellyrubs...


DD - February 19

Hi ladies...Me and DH just got back from our weekend away. It was nice to be away. Your temps sound promising. I read taking charge of your fertility months ago but just never started temping. Maybe on my next cycle-whenever that may be- i'll give it a try. I'm so excited for you both to test, I'm hoping for BFP's for you!!!! That would be wonderful :) Take care, talk to you soon!


SashaP - February 20

Hey DD how was your weekend with dh? I hope it went well. You probable had a nicer weekend then me and Dianna considering how much we posted. Not that I had a bad weekend just a quiet one which is kinda nice for a change. Did you catch any sun? I live in Maine so I'd LOVE to catch some sun right now, although we have had a mild winter. Talk to you soon.


Dianna - February 20

Hey everyone !!! welcome back DD. I hope you had a good time it sounds like you did. 4 more days till AF and BBT still
going up . I told Sasha my temp was 100.0 this morning. I just don't know if I should read more into this . My temp has never gone that high.I can't test yet I don't want to get a BFN from a test..I got to go try to eat so I could take my Metformin I will check in later Take care all smoochies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Baby dust


DD - February 20

Hi girls, NO sun here!!! I was in Western IL near Iowa and there was snow and it was freezing!!!! Like -15 at night. I'm ready for spring...that's for sure. Quiet weekends are the best! The doggies had fun there playing in the snow. I'm anxiously awaiting for you both to test! I'm excited for you. 16 days til the doctor!! :)


SashaP - February 20

DD I guess it's good to get away once in awhile even if it's that cold. What kind of dogs do you have? I have 4 I'm a dog nut. They're my 4 leg kids. You should still come over to my other thread we're looking for you over there 2 more people popped over this week. Talk to ya later.


NML - February 21

Hello everyone. Well I'm back at CD 2, AF showed her face yesterday. I'm not happy but trying again for a November baby. Just ordered some preseed, hoping it will help??? Baby dust to all.


Jessica - February 22

(This is Shelermomma). I still haven't started I'm hoping AF will just hurry up and come tomorrow so I can start over again. Even though I have already taken my blood at work(a dr's office) and both times got a BFN I still did a HPT today. I like the rest of you can't stop hoping the lines going to appear anyway. GOOD LUCK to you all or as you guys says baby dust and belly rubs.



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