waitng for af on feb. 24th, wanna wait with me??
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SashaP - February 15

I started getting cramping almost like a pulling feeling 2 days ago it's been on and off since. Nothing else though.


Dianna - February 15

GM all The tip of my boobs are so sore.It feels like sharp needles and cuts. I can't have anything touching them, no bra no shirt. Thank goodness this is my last day of work before I go on Vacation.I woke up this morning thinking it was gone the minute I stood up BAM !!! there it was. Im having lower pain off and on my right side,but im not getting my hopes up.It is only 4 or 5 dpo.I hope everything is well with you all. I wonder if me putting a cold cloth on it is making my boobs worse. This is my first round of Clomid and 6 months of Metformin and this could be the effect of both med combine together. You ladies take care and Baby Dust to all.


Dee - February 15

Most of my supossed symptoms have subsided. Althought I still have slight cramps off and on. I guess will just wait and see. Best of luck to you all.


SashaP - February 15

When are you ladies going to start testing or will you just wait and see if af shows up? I'm going to try till hold out until my dr's appt. on the 27th. We'll see how good that works.


DD - February 15

Hi Sashap and Dianna and everyone- I'll join you on this thread if that's okay...then you won't have so many to look for. How are you both feeling???


Dianna - February 15

Hey DD you found us welcome. I am not going to test until the 28th I don't want to waste money on the pg test anymore.the tip of my boobs are so sore. Im doing something now that I find so nasty when I hear people do it for the hell of it. I've been burping all day for no reason and it leaves me feeling like I wanna puke and I have a nasty after taste. Im having off and off pains under my belly button more to the right .I went to work got there at 8am feel asleep soon as I sat down.I am on Vacation now so I can relax my boobs. I wish the best for all of us and that's because we do our best Take care all. More Baby Dust~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


SashaP - February 16

Hi DD I'm glad you found your way over. I'm still having the same cramping. Plus bbs are getting sore and my mood swings are killing me and everybody in my path. Pretty bad when I'm scaring myself. I hope you girls have a good night. Baby dust...


Dee - February 16

I plan to hold off until the 26th to test. Unless symptoms get stronger before then. I am not sure if the symptoms I have are in my head or not. I guess I'll just hae to wait to see what happens next week. It's killing me this waiting game. My mood swings are scaring me too. I am so irritable:( Baby Dust to you all.


Dianna - February 16

Gm Family. Last night I didn't want Dh around me he kept asking me what's wrong and ask was I hurting. I just said im tired and I went in the bedroom he came in after me and gave me kisses all over me and started rubbing me you know I had to fight off the mood I was in not to say get away from me Then when I looked up in his eyes and he said I love you so meaningful I had a tear drop from my eyes and I hugged him. I just told him it is just one of those days I am having..He didn't talk to me he gave me my space.This is so nerve recking every month.I have never felt like I wanted Dh to get away from me. My boobs are still sore and it is heavy this morning with a burning feeling. DD that is so sweet for you to ask how we are feeling. How are you holding up we are still waiting? I know March seems like forever . Take care family. Baby Dust !!!!!!


DD - February 16

Hi all....hopefully your irritable moods are a good sign! I am doing better...of course the waiting sucks, but things could be worse. Only 20 days til my appt!!! I'm trying to be as positive about this as I can be. I just hope I'm not going to go thru months and months of this. i still have twinges on my ovaries...I'm hoping it's not PCOS or cysts...we'll see...Hope you all feel great.. :)


SashaP - February 16

DD the 20 days are going to fly by after 26 months of doing this finally I'm not getting so crazy on the 2ww. I no it's hard but try to relax about the dr's appt I'm sure they will help get you pg. I can't remember do you have pcos or been tested for it? I go for my blood work tomorrow to see if I did indeed O. It won't be until 4:45 so I won't have the results until monday I'm sure. Dianna your dh sounds so sweet it sounds like you have a great relationship.Thats so good since ttc can take such a toll on a marriage. Mine definately has it's moments more or less just one of us feeling like a failure because it hasn't happened. I hope everybody has a great night. Baby dust...


DD - February 16

No, I haven't been tested for PCOS...I think that my gyn. thought since I am young that clomid would work the first time and I would be oK. I guess she was wrong about that. I just don't ever remember having pains in my sides like I've been having the last few months. I was on the pill for almost 6 years and went off it at the end of July and nothing has been right since then. I had kind of irregular periods before the pill, but not like this, but I was also much younger and not ttc obviously, so who knows how much I really paid attention. 26 months of ttc!!! That is a long time and I'm complaining about 6 months. We are leaving town for the weekend tomorrow afternoon, so it'll be nice to relax away from here. I hope you all have a good night..


SashaP - February 17

Hi DD yeah 26 months is along time The first 6 months and the last year were the hardest everything in between I gave up on so I didn't even think about it. Although this month I'm not getting all crazy over it so I'm pretty happy I know it will happen when it's supposed to. I think it also maybe be because one of my coworkers that I'm really close to drilled it into my head that anything that precious is worth waiting for. Plus I'm also young I'm only 25 so I still have plenty of time to have family. I hope it's sooner then later though. Have a lovely evening. Baby dust and belly rubs..


DD - February 17

Sahap-I do agree with you that it is worth waiting for. I'm 22 and DH is 23, and I guess we just never thought there would be a problem. Hopefully it will happen sooner than later for all of us. Have a good day :)


SashaP - February 18

Hi DD I always thought I'd have a hard time conceiving dh didn't though. I guess I was right though I wish I wasn't. Maybe it was because I had a m/c when I was really young. You should join us on the Anybody on Femara thread Dianna came over. Alot of nice ladies over there. Have a good night. Baby dust and bellyrubs....


Dianna - February 18

Hey everyone !!! I decided that I will not test on the 25th If AF does not show I will test on the 28th on DH birthday.How are you doing DD I don't have to ask Sasha she will find me LOL. I got your message about the enable cookies Sasha Thanks It still isn't working I will have my sister do it for me.



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