waitng for af on feb. 24th, wanna wait with me??
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NML - February 10

Hopeful, I'm sorry to hear this wasn't your month. Bummer. Hang in there. My sister was suppose to get married this month, so we have been waiting quite a while TTC so I too wouldn't give birth at her wedding. Well - she flippin canceled the wedding! All that time wasted a year ago, oh well. AF should be here for me on Feb 20th, I believe. Testing maybe next week, but so nervous. It's like the most exciting time of the month but in 5 minutes it can be the most disappointing time of the month. BABY DUST to all. No signs of BFP for me yet., I don't think. Feel pretty normal except for this darn cold I'm trying to fight off.


hopeful06 - February 11

SashaP....Thanks for the support!! As for the spotting.... I was on birth control for 4 years. Prior to that, I was irregular but usually within a week or two of when I thought af should arrive. On the pill I was very regular--to the hour--but it was all a "fake" cycle I guess you could say. Since coming off of the pill in July I haven't had one regular cycle yet. I went to the doctor after 3 months with no period and she put me on Metformin to help with ovulation. The spotting I had was 4 days into the met treatment and so I thought it was af, but then I started 2 weeks later..... I'm really confused and frustrated but I go back to see the dr on the 27th, so I'll find out more then. She wanted to see me after a month on met to decide what to do next......................NML: That's too bad about your sister!! Well, it's too bad for you and dh I guess--probably better off for your sister that she didn't get married if she wasn't sure. I'm really afraid that's what's going to happen with my sister too. She's booked the church and the hall, but she keeps postponing ordering her wedding dress....That's odd to me. Her wedding date is Dec 16th, so I would think she would order ASAP to have it in time for alterations........Maybe she's looking for an excuse to postpone?? I just wish she'd make up her mind so I could plan my family!!! Anyway, I really wish you the best this month. Let us know!!


Dee - February 11

I'll wait with you guys if you'll have me. My dh and I have been ttc for 6mo. Af is suppose to show Feb 25th. I am pretty sure I o'd this week. DH and I bd'd everyday. So, here I am the dreaded two week wait Urg!!! Chas and Tanya I too have a 25 - 27 day cycle. Baby Dust to you all.


hopeful06 - February 12

Dee.....Welcome!! I hope the 2ww goes quickly for you and that you get good news at the end!!


mrsarmo - February 12

Hopeful, sorry to hear your news. Its true about your excitement changing in a matter of 5 minuites to dissappointed when you spot the dreaded AF. My belief now is that it all happens for a reason and all will be when its is meant to be. My AF due 26th and we have been b'ding for the last 5 days. Fingers crossed this is the month. Just curious as to if anyone else gets upset or annoyed when you see the ads that predict a happy mother and baby. Sometimes this is heartbreaking because I wonder why thats not me yet. Bady dust to you all and remember live each day to the fullest.


Dianna - February 12

GM I am suppose to get my AF on Feb 25th along with Dee I am I dpo today so it is another 2ww .Hopeful06 I truly pray that you will conceive I just get upset when I see parents who can have kids at the drop of a hat and they curse at the kids calling them little bi--ch mother fer.I say to some of them even if they curse me to tell me mind my business I let them know if you down your children and someone else down your children they will feel that is normal because they are learningi it from you. So when someone compliments them especially if it is a girl they will seek that attention from someone that wants to use them and at the same time they fall in a abusive situation. You can't call kids names like that and think you are doing a positive thing. OOH my goodness let me stop writing cause I will be here all day with the things I see a lot of Parents do.Baby dust to all and I know you all will appreciate your bundle of Joy because we are working very hard for it to happen.Sometimes you have to put in a lot of work to appreciate the results you have put in. Take care


hopeful06 - February 12

Dianna--You are so right!! I HATE it when parents (or others) treat children like that! They need to be loved and cared for and made to believe in themselves. Ever hear of a self-fulfilling prophecy?? If you keep telling a child they are bad, stupid, etc....they will believe that it's true and begin to act accordingly. Let's stop the pattern!!!!!! Baby dust.....


Amym - February 12

Dianna and hopefule06, I agree with both of you. I am a foster care therapist and see it every single day. I get so frustrated doing the job I do and working with bio parents that could care less about their kids or what happens to them. Anyway.... I either O'ed yesterday or will today so I am also just begining the 2WW. Good luck to all and tons of baby dust!!


Dianna - February 13

Hello room! I am 2 dpo just waiting to see if im pg my AF is suppose to arrive on Feb 25th I will see how it goes.The 2ww thing is like waiting 2 years.Time seems to go by fast when you are not expecting anything.~~~~~Baby Dust to all~~~~~~~~~


SashaP - February 13

Dianna I'm so numb I just realized I'm talking to you on 2 threads. It's funny when your on a 2ww that you want to find as many people to suffer with as possible atleast thats how I am. Do you think the dh's ever go through this?


Dee - February 13

Hello. I am 5dpo. And I am so anxious. I was at the Gyno today for a PAP and to discuss conception. I saw a ton a pg women and I saw one couple who must have confirmed they were pg because they were hugging and kissing as they were checking out. I was a bit hard today I must say. I feel so bad saying that. I have been ttc 6 mo. My Dr. doesnt think it's a big deal, thinks it's a timing issue. How is everyone keeping their mind of the 2ww.


SashaP - February 13

It's impossible for me to keep my mind off the 2ww. I go for my blood work friday then I have another dr's appt 2 weeks from today b/c thats when af is supposed to come. They like doing a pg test even if af does come just to make sure. Very hard to keep your mind off it when you have to keep going to the dr's b/c of it. If you have a way let me know I need some peace of mind.


Elyse - February 13

HI - I am on day 4 of the 2ww - AF supposed to come Feb 22/23. I know I cwon't be able to hold out and will test next Monday, even though I am supposed to go to the dr for a beta on the 23rd. UGGGHHH! It is dragging!


Dianna - February 14

GM HAPPY V-DAY I will check in later getting readyfor work. You all have a good day and a heart full of Baby Dust``````````````````````````````````


Dee - February 14

So, Is anyone having any symptoms? What are you all expierencing? I guess I am about 6dpo. I am expierencing some cramping and aches around my hips. I also have a acidic taste in my throat. Is it too early for symptoms. I checked twoweekwait.com and many entries of women with BFP's indicated expierencing symptoms as early as 5dpo.


SashaP - February 15

I started getting cramping almost like a pulling feeling 2 days ago it's been on and off since. Nothing else though.



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