waitng for af on feb. 24th, wanna wait with me??
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Dianna - February 7

The baby was given a funeral and I was in the hospital being prayed over. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks because I had so much complication when I went into labor and the contraction were something out of this world. I feel the lost of any child is heart breaking. You go through so much to conceive the sickness and all just to start all over again.The ones who don't want to be parents get pg like it's no tomorrow. We have to do all this BDing DH It is a full time job and a lot of over time hoping that we get paid with a bundle of joy. well I hope every one is okay and im dumping a truck load of baby dust to all. Smile hold your head up and let the baby dust sprinkle your heart mind and soul. Have a great day.


SashaP - February 8

Hi hopeful06 I'm on femara and I did a round of clomid last month. I'm on cd 9 I should O anytime soon. 26 months is along time I screwed myself up after 3 months of ttc. I had taking the Arbonne Proleif cream and couldn't stop spotting after that. After 6 months of spotting I had to be put back on the pill for about 6 months because it was so bad. Finally the spotting stopped this past Dec. after I had my HSG and sonohystagram. Finally I'm back on track. And yes 6 months does feel like forever never mind 26 months after every month that goes by it feels like it will never happen especially when everybody around you gets pg. I hope it dosen't take you that long. Belly rubs and baby dust...


Amym - February 8

Equus and Dianna, I am so sorry for your losses. To hear you both lost a baby at 6 months is inconceivable to me. I can't even begin to imagine how devastating and difficult that was. I hope you are both doing "better" and get a BFP again very soon. Hopeful06, I have been TTC for 8 months now. I think that I either have a really good chance to get a BFP any month now, or my chances are very bad because there is someth,ing wrong. I should be ovulating this weekend. I got some Mucinex today. Has anyone else taken that? If so how much or how many pills a day am I suppose to take?? Lots of baby dust to everyone!!


SashaP - February 8

Amym I asked my dr about the Mucinex she said that she found it has not worked and studies showed it didn't work and did not recommend it. I was going to try it too until she said don't bother.


heather1973 - February 8

I am new to this site..just starting to see a specialist..any general advice??


heather1973 - February 8

I notice alot of what appears to be abbrevations , I think..can someone tall me what some things stand for.


hopeful06 - February 8

SashaP....I'm really glad that you're back on the right track. Thanks for all of the baby dust and warm wishes!! Try not to blame yourself for "screwing up." I'm a HUGE Oprah fan and she always says "If you had known better, you would have done better," and I think this is true for you. Don't beat yourself up over what has happened. Now you know better and you can do better--for yourself and your babies :) Maybe you should share this story with others on this forum--it could help prevent the same thing from happening to someone else. Amym......I'm going to think positively and say you have a good chance.....but, have you had any testing done? It doesn't hurt to check everything out just to make sure. I'm still sticking to my positive take though and I'm going to say everything will turn out just fine!! Keep us posted....


mrsarmo - February 8

Hello all, baby dust to you all. I have been looking at the forums alittle. It is interesting to know that there are others who are on a similar cycle to others including myself. Quick story i have been of the pill for 6 years. We have been ttc (seriously) for around 6 months. My af due 26th Feb. So we are busy b'ding. Bady dust again and hopefully we have alot of +++++++++. Have fun.


Dianna - February 8

To Heather I can't remember where i saw the abbreviations that's how I was able to know what they mean.Here is what I can think of maybe the other ladies can add what I left out. TTC is trying to conceive, DH is dear ,damn darn darling husband, MIL is mother in law, FIL--father in law, 2CD 3CD 4CD e is 2 cycle days 3 cycle days,etc AF is Aunt Flo means period ,DPO means days past ovulation, O' means ovulation, BFP is big fat positive pregnant, BFN means big fat negative not pregnant , PG means pregnant and I not sure if 2ww is 2 weeks to see if you are pg I hope this help


Dianna - February 8

forget that e after 4Cd Who put that there LOL


Equuss - February 8

Hi hey hello all! ..Thought I'd check in.... .Don't know about you ladies but the waiting is killin me!! lol!! Geez, & its only the 8th. I've got a question that might help kill some time for us......Does anyone have a nursery or a baby's room set up yet? & If so, What is the theme or layout? I'll go first........My baby's room isn't completed yet. My theme is Notre Dame. Navy Blue w/ Gold Trim. (Go Irish!) .....~*:*Baby*:*Dust*:*~


hopeful06 - February 8

Equuss........I don't have any baby stuff yet (I don't want to get ahead of myself) but I have thought about it!! I looked online and found a cute set if it's a boy that has firetrucks and police cars and it's done in blue and red. (My dh is a cop, so the police thing is kind-of a must-have!!) For a little girl, I would have to do the whole fairy-tale princess thing. I've always loved unicorns, so they would have to be in the room too. Lots of girlie colors...pinks, purples, etc.... On another note, I don't know what the heck's going on with me. I thought I would be ovulating around now, so I bd'd my dh last night and started spotting after....I'm still spotting today. Spotting during O, or something else??? I'm so confused!! Good luck everyone!!


Elyse - February 8

Try this site for abbreviations...http://www.tr


hopeful06 - February 10

Well, I guess I'm the first to announce this wasn't my month! My cycles have been so irregular.... I counted some spotting Jan 26th as af, but I guess that was something else because my spotting turned into more than just spotting yesterday....I guess I'll take it as a good sign that I can start over with charting and hope that the meds regulate my cycles. I'm a little upset though because I'm debating on what to do now.....I know this may sound silly, but my sister's getting married in December and I don't want to be rolled down the isle, go into labor during the ceremony, or have to miss her wedding entirely if I have to be hospitalized, so I think I'm going to wait a couple months before ttc again. I really don't want to wait, but I don't think I have much of a choice--I'm the matron of honor and my sister is my best friend!! It just sucks though because I'm not really for sure this wedding is going to happen....things are kind-of rocky......... What do you guys think??? I hope someone out there has good news for us soon!!


SashaP - February 10

Sorry to hear that hopeful06. How long are your cycles normally or have you always been irregular? Have you been checked out for the spotting? Spotting in between periods can sometimes make it hard to O you might want to talk to your dr about that. Keep us posted.


NML - February 10

Hopeful, I'm sorry to hear this wasn't your month. Bummer. Hang in there. My sister was suppose to get married this month, so we have been waiting quite a while TTC so I too wouldn't give birth at her wedding. Well - she flippin canceled the wedding! All that time wasted a year ago, oh well. AF should be here for me on Feb 20th, I believe. Testing maybe next week, but so nervous. It's like the most exciting time of the month but in 5 minutes it can be the most disappointing time of the month. BABY DUST to all. No signs of BFP for me yet., I don't think. Feel pretty normal except for this darn cold I'm trying to fight off.



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