waitng for af on feb. 24th, wanna wait with me??
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tanya - February 3

have been ttc for 9 months now. just got over af and waiting for O and then the 2ww till the 24th to see if af comes or not. wanna wait with me. who knows maybe this is our month!!


Dianna - February 4

I should O on Feb 11th so I will be BDing DH from Feb 8th to the 14th . My Dr put me on Metformin 850mg 2 x a day. I was on it for 5 months and Dr started me on 100mg clomid for 2-6 cd just finished last pill of clomid yesterday. Baby dust


hopeful06 - February 4

tanya.....I hope this is our month! I'm honestly not sure when to expect af..... I spotted for 5 days starting on Jan 26th, so I'm counting that as af, putting the next date for af at Feb 23rd. I guess I just have to wait and see!


SashaP - February 4

I just got done AF last night and am on cd 5. I'm on femara and I should O in the next 5 days or so. I need somebody to go through the torture with.


Amym - February 5

Hello ladies. This is the first time I have posted on the "problems geting pregnant" topic. This is my 8th month TTC. Af is expected around the 24th for me as well. Diana, Hopeful06, and SashaP, how long have you been TTC?


LN030905 - February 5

Hey ladies! I just got off af on the 29th, scheduled to O on the 7th and am soooo nervous. Hubby and I have bd'd every day since the 29th. I REALLY want to test on the 14th, but I think that it will be too early to detect the hormone. This is only our 2nd mo of ttc so I shouldnt get my hopes up, but I cant help it. Im a test freak! I was bored so I tested like two days ago, knowing darn well that nothing would should up! Ahhh, lol, how come the months go by so much slower now that were ttc!!!!???


SashaP - February 5

I have been ttc for 26 months.


tanya - February 5

i wish all of you luck and hope that this is our month. i hate the waiting but i am fortunate to have a 25 day cycle so that tends to help some with the wait after O. i can also test a bit earlier then a person with a 28+day cycle. well good luck to you all!


NML - February 5

Hey LN030905, it sounds like we are on the exact same schedule! My test strips say i'm ovulating yesterday/today... But I thought not till the 7th, not sure. Will test for BFP on the 16th or 17th... good luck to you. How long have you been trying???


Equuss - February 5

Hi Tanya, Dianna, hopeful06, SashaP, Amym, LN030905 & NML! (Did I forget Ne1 lol) ...I'm kinda new here when it comes to this section of the forums & I'm hoping to make some new good friends... I came from the "miscarriage/stillbirths section becuz I had a stillbirth in Nov. but now since I'm ttc again, I don't feel welcomed over there any more. .....I'm in the same boat, AF has been here & gone & now it's time for the bding!! lol I'm hoping to test at the end of this month....Do you ladies think that it'll be too early to test then?? I wish us all good luck! Thanks for listening, *Baby Dust* Showers to all!!


Chas - February 5

Hi everyone, I would like to join you guys! Tanya, I also have a 25 day cycle. it was this past month anyway... usually it doesn't differ much though. (25-27)
I usually ovulate on Day 11, how about you? I'm going to use opk's this month just to make sure. I will start those on cd8. I am on CD6 now.. waiting on the big O :-)


Dianna - February 5

Hello everyone. Equuss Im so sorry to hear about your lost I know how you feel.I lost a baby as well. the baby heart had stop and I wasn't feeling the baby moving I was six month pregnant and after I was told by the Dr that my baby
was still I didn't want to believe it .I walked out the hospital because they wanted to take the baby out and I was not having that. Well a week later I went into labor and I gave birth to a still born child I didn't want to no the sex of the baby.I was just to devastated by the whole thing. I see we are not far behind with AF I got off on the 1st and im due to O on the 10th or 11th.So to each Tanya, SashaP, Equuss, NML, LN030905, Chas, Hopeful06 And Amym baby dust. We are all United here for a purpose and that is seeking to hold one another up and expand our family Take care.


tanya - February 6

im sorry to hear about the loss of your babies. i do not know what i would i do if that happened to me. i am now in my bd'ing journey and then i will be in my dreaded 2ww. i hate that. well baby dust to all and lets hope we all get pg this month. we can share pg stories with each other :)


Equuss - February 6

To Dianna,...I was 6 months in my pregnancy also. 28 weeks to be exact. My baby died becuz of a placential eruption. (The placenta had torn away from the lining of my uterus) I knew the sex of the baby at 5 months, a boy. I too had stop feeling the baby move but I had bleeding & contractions....REAL BAD contractions. & I had no choice when it came to when I would give birth. The hospital wanted me to give birth sap so 6 hours later, I did. I know how you feel when you said it devastated you, I still can't find the words to describe how it felt & what it was like. Only someone that has had a loss can relate I think. No offence to anyone but I'm glad to see that there's someone here like me that I can relate w/ & that has went through what I've went through. If you don't mind me asking,...did you cremate or have a funeral? ( I had my little angel cremated, made me feel better knowin "Caleb" was home) Well back on the subject.....hopefully O'in around the 11th.....when's a good time to test? Hmm, thinkin March 1st? Uggh, such a long wait!! Anyways, happy bding everyone!!! I'm keepin my fingers crossed for all of us!!! *.*Baby*:*Dust*.*


hopeful06 - February 6

Equuss & Dianna....I am so sorry for your losses and I'm really glad you two found each othere here. Welcome to both of you!! Amym.....I have been ttc for 6 months now---how about you?? LN030905---I understand your anxiety and your addiction to HPTs!!! I'm fighting the urge too!! SashaP--Are you taking any fertility drugs? 6 months seems like forever to me, I can't imagine 26 months....I REALLY hope this is your month---I'll wait an extra one if this can be yours!! Chas----I think I talked to you on another posting....is your dh's sperm count ok now?? It's great to talk to all of you!!


hopeful06 - February 6

ooops....I'm not an idiot---I know there's no "e" at the end of "other"!!!!!!!!!! Typo.... I guess my brain works faster than my fingers.....Please forgive me!! *****Baby dust*****


Dianna - February 7

The baby was given a funeral and I was in the hospital being prayed over. I was in the hospital for almost two weeks because I had so much complication when I went into labor and the contraction were something out of this world. I feel the lost of any child is heart breaking. You go through so much to conceive the sickness and all just to start all over again.The ones who don't want to be parents get pg like it's no tomorrow. We have to do all this BDing DH It is a full time job and a lot of over time hoping that we get paid with a bundle of joy. well I hope every one is okay and im dumping a truck load of baby dust to all. Smile hold your head up and let the baby dust sprinkle your heart mind and soul. Have a great day.



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