waiting waiting waiting
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kim - June 2

hello all, ive been trying to conceive for 18months, i had blood tests done and my dh had semen analysis, everything was fine and my doc put me on a waiting list to see a gyne, that was 2months ago so i have about another 3 months for my first visit to him so is there anything i should do before then or any advice. baby dust to allxxxxxxxxx


michelle - June 3

i know it is hard to wait. i took depo for just over a year, and then found out it could take awhile to pregnant. well it did, about 2 years. and i will tell that when i just gave up and stopped thinking about it and said when it happens it happens, thats when i got pregnant. just try (haha) to relax and just have fun with your dh! good luck


KIM - June 3

Michelle, yeah your right its all about nature taking its course hey??? thanx xx


crysta - June 3

i am sorry about the wait but i am sure it will be worth it good luck and god bless


kim - June 3

to crysta. good luck and god bless you too xxxx



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