waiting to ovulate on january 20th, wanna wait with me??
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tanya - January 11

i am due to ovulate on jan. 20th, anybody else ?? this will be the 8th month for us and we are tired of all the BFN's. i am hoping it happens this time. baby dust to all


mommylove - January 11

Hi Tanya! I also am suppose to ovulate on the 20th. I started my period on Jan 6th, still on it. I have been ttc for two months now. I had a m/c in November and started trying right away ( I know, I'm suppose to wait but I didn't want to). With my first and second child I got pg the first month. This last one I had an IUD in and wasn't trying, but now I desperately want another child. I thought for sure I would get pg right away, but I think my body is trying to tell me to wait. Anyway, I hope that this month we both get pg, and then we would be due right at the same time! Baby dust to you!!


ambrosine - January 11

i think imovulating around the 20/21st, but if im anything to go by it may be late..so ill join for now x


BF - January 11

Hey Girls, I'd love to wait with you'll! I'm due to ovulate between the 18th-20th. I'm on my 4th round of Clomid after 2 early miscarriages. Been trying on an off for 1 year. The 1st mc was 12/04 and 2nd 5/05. Best of luck to you all! Any special advice or tips? I feel like I got pregnant the other 2 times pretty easily, we were trying but weren't obsessive about it. Well since I've been on the Clomid, we have been so preoccupied with it. So this month we're just going to relax and not think too much about it!


tanya - January 12

hey ladies sorry to hear about m/c's and i hope this month is our month. this would be my second child. i got pregnant the first time with my first daughter while on bc so dont really know how long it could have took to conceive. do any of you ladies wanna exchange emails? i like the forum but find emails much easier. we have been TTC for 8 months now this month and i am on precare conceive tabs. i am hoping they work i have been on them only two weeks now. they are supposed to help your eggs more mature and to allow easier penetrating by the sperm. they are a high vitamin content as well. baby dust to all!!!!


mommylove - January 12

Hi ladies!! I think I am about to stop my period finally, so I can start bding soon. I, with both my other pregnancies, had sex about every other day to ensure that the little things were there and ready to go. Sorry if thats tmi. I really hope that this is the month for all of us. We would all have October babies, and be big and prego in the summer, with cute little maternity outfits on!! Baby dust to all!


mommylove - January 12

By the way Tanya, my email is [email protected]. My name is Brooke.


sona - January 12

Im kinda new what is BFN? Oh i am due to ovulate around the 15th or 16th, but im also on my first round of clomid and i'v been having pains on my left side to it feels like ovulation pains. This is the first time i have ever took a fertitly med. Any suggestions????BABY DUST TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!


mommylove - January 12

Hi Sona. Welcome. BFN is big fat negative(pg test). We want BFP, big fat positive!! I hope this med works for you. I don't know anything about them though. Baby Dust!!!


sona - January 13

Thanks MOMMYLOVE for answering my Q.
I have ask in other rooms and your the first one to reply Thank you!!!


tanya - January 14

i will try to get back to you all a lot sooner then i have, just been busy with things. i am due to O in 4-6 days and hope this is our month. we already have an october baby and want another one.baby dust to all. if this is our month does any body know where to get cheap maternity clothes. hate to spend alot of money on them just for a few months. need to money for the cute baby outifts!!
baby dust baby dust baby dust



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