Waiting to ovulate around 13th Aug?
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AM - August 3

Anyone want to buddy up with me, if you are due to ovulate around 13th Aug?


kristina - August 4

i will!! i usually have 35 day cycles and day 21 is aug 13 for me. i am on my 3rd round of clomid 50mg ttc#2


NAD - August 4

I will 2..i'm due to ovulate around the 11-12th August


Amy - August 5

Hey, i believe that is close to when i am supposed to ovulate. Af started the 27th of july. so, you can do the math...lol. If you do not mind, i will join ya. :)


me tooooo - August 5

I will buddy up also, I am do fr ovulation around the 10th my af also started around july 27th


AM - August 5

Nice one. My last AF was 25th July. I usually have 34 day cycle, so from my temp it looks like I ovulate around day 20, (Aug 13th). we are going to start trying from 2moro (Aug 6th) every other day til day 22 (Aug 16) I hope!. This is our 3rd month of trying. I also have mild endometriosis so I have that on the back of my mind.



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