Waiting for O after first round of Clomid? Anyone else?
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ruby - August 5

i too have grown very frustrated with OPK's CJ. i found different tests give you different results, even if you use them at almost identical times. maybe you should try a couple of different brands. i have read that some tests will not give you an actual dark(er) line, the intensity of the line will vary with each brand.


CJ - August 12

Well ladies, I found out today that my progesterone level was 0.6 so I didn't ovulate. Now I just have to wait for AF and try 100mg of Clomid next month. So frustrating! How are you ladies doing?


Jamie - August 13

Hey ladies - how are you all doing? I just got back from a week long vacation. It was very nice. Anyhow my temps went up while I was away. I came home and typed them into fertility friend and it said that I ovulated CD 22 - today is CD 25. I am hoping that this is the month! I have never had a cycle of temps that looked so great. Usually mine are all over the place, this time there is a distinct shift in temps! I am really excited, even if this turns out not to be the month, at least I know that the clomid is working. I didn't get to the doctor for the blood work to see if I ovulated - we were on vacation. We will wait and see! CJ - sorry to hear that you didn't ovulate. Maybe increasing your clomid will do the trick! Ruby how are you doing?



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