Waiting for O after first round of Clomid? Anyone else?
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CJ - August 1

I am currently on CD 13 and waiting on O. DH and I started to BD on CD11 and will BD every other day. Today I am having slight cramping and stretchy CM. I took Clomid 50mg CD3-7. Hopefully O is soon. Have not done OPK yet today. Yesterday was neg. Anyone else waiting? I hate waiting!!


ruby - August 1

Hi CJ. I too just finished my 1st clomid cycle (days 5-9) and I am now on day 18 of my cycle. I don' t think I have detected ovulation yet, though. I was getting +OPK's using Answer, but am now beginning to think they are not true results. I was testing using Clearblue at the same time, and was getting negatives. The Answer tests are still giving me positives after 3 days of the first + !!! But I'm with you on the waiting game. How long have you been ttc?


Jamie - August 1

CJ - I am also on day 13 (took clomid CD 5-9 50mg). I don't have any ewcm yet, but I am hopeful. I have been charting my temps and this is the first time that my temps are normal and not all over the place. This is my first round of clomid. We have been ttc for a year now - I was put on clomid because I wasn't ovulating. I did a opk yesterday and it was neg. I am going to test again tomorrow. Good luck and baby dust to us all!!!


CJ - August 1

ruby- we have been ttc for about 10 months. My cycles have been very irregular and I don't think I was ovulating (although I wasn't charting at the time so not sure!) so I'm in the same situation as you Jamie. I tried Prometrium to regulate cycles but AF was still very light if it came at all. So now I'm on Clomid. Today I think I have ewcm: there is a lot of cm and it is VERY stretchy. I just did OPK though and it was neg again today. So I guess DH and I will BD tonight and see what happens with OPK tomorrow! Good luck and baby dust to both of you. Keep me posted on how you're doing.


CJ - August 3

Ruby and Jamie- How are you doing? Any good luck with O yet? I am having some light cramping (like I have before AF). Have had this for about 3 days now. I'm on CD 15 but still
neg OPK's. I am still hoping that it will happen though! Has anyone had cramps during ovulation?


ruby - August 4

hi ladies. well i have some bittersweet news. i went to dr yesterday since i began bleeding on day 19 of my cycle. i guess the 1st round of clomid didn't work but i was concerned because AF came so soon. (i'm very very irregular and have extremely long cycles normally). Dr went ahead and referred me out to an infertility specialist....i hate that word...infertile. i don't like the label because i don't believe i am infertile..since i've been pg twice, but still no children. how are you ladies?


CJ - August 4

Ruby- Sorry you are down today. I know how you feel. I am 26 and DH is 27 and I feel like we shouldn't have any problems! But now I just hope that I will O. I'm sorry to hear that first round of Clomid didn't work. Are you going to take an increased dose of it next cycle? I think the next step for me is to see an infertility specialist and it's scary! Keep me posted! Baby Dust**


ruby - August 4

thanks for your words CJ. I'm comforted to see that i'm not the only youngster who is feeling a bit desperate. well, i have my first appt with the infertility specialist in 2 weeks. in a way, i'm kinda looking forward to it because i feel that i'm getting closer in a way. at least i will finally find out what it is that is preventing me from getting pg and hopefully i will get a bfp sooner than later. still no +OPK for you? are you supposed to go for some kind of check up during your cycle to make sure you ovulated?


CJ - August 4

Ruby I have to go in on CD21 for bloodtest to see if I O'd. The line on the OPK was a little darker today than it has been but still doesn't look as dark as the control line. This is my first month to use OPK and I'm already so confused! I know what you mean about getting closer to get preg. I was excited to start the Clomid b/c I hoped it would finally help me! We'll see.


Jamie - August 5

Hey ladies - sorry I haven't been around - we went on vacation for a couple of days. I have pretty much given up on those stupid OPK tests. I don't think they work. My temp went down yesterday (from 97.5 to 96.8), then went up to 97.0 today. I read that your temp may go down when you ovulate. I think maybe I ovulated then. What do you guys think. I have had a lot of CM, not exactly egg white but more than usual..... Ruby sorry about your troubles - hang in there. A infertility specialist doesn't mean your infertile - they may help you to conceive!! Good luck and hang in there.... we are all here for you:)


Jamie - August 5

I forgot to mention today is CD 16 for me.


CJ - August 5

Jamie- I also read that your temp can go down right before you O but I'm not an expert on the temps. I just started trying to take my temps about 3 days ago and I think it might be too late to notice a pattern for this cycle. Are you still have neg OPK's?


Jamie - August 5

Yes. However I have done them every other day and maybe I missed the surge. The other day the line was darker than it was the day before (but not darker than the ref. line). Today the line was very light. Maybe the other day was a surge. I don't know with those things. I just wonder about the drop in my temp..... Who knows I guess we will wait and see!!


ruby - August 5

good morning ladies. how are you today? jamie--i also heard that temps usuallly dip before ovulation. as for OPKs, honestly, i think they suck. what brand are you using? i was using Answer, and am convinced they're faulty. I was using Clearblue at the same time, and Answer kept giving me distinct +'s, but when I'd try with Clearblue, it'd be -. Answer gave me +'s for about 4 or 5 days straight. I bet I'd still get a + if I tried one today even though I have AF!! : )


cf - August 5

hi ladies, i just found a good siteto answer temp. questions www.fertlilyfriend.com didn't know so many factors could change your temp, like waking up at different times- hope this will help


CJ - August 5

I am getting very frustrated with OPK's. The line on mine get darker everyday but still not as dark as control line. Do you guys think this means I will get a + soon? I seem to have quite a bit more CM today too. It's still watery though. I'm still hoping!


ruby - August 5

i too have grown very frustrated with OPK's CJ. i found different tests give you different results, even if you use them at almost identical times. maybe you should try a couple of different brands. i have read that some tests will not give you an actual dark(er) line, the intensity of the line will vary with each brand.



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