waiting for NO AF on 23 OCT...anybody like to join
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piya - October 14

Hello everyone! I have lingered in this forum but never posted and was very much tempted to do so for some company :) Anyone like to wait with me and share experiences? well, I have been having erratic cycles suddenly. I have been temping this month - so I now know when I ovulated - hoping not to get AF by 22/23 OCT :( Baby dust to all.


stevie - October 19

AF is due on the 23 too. I have PCOS, ttc since Aug. 2004. This is my first cycle on clomid and i know i ovulated... + OPK, cramping & VERY emotional ( i felt so wierd, i think this was the 1st time i ever ovulated!). The past couple of days i have felt slightly crampy and really sore boobs (which i never have, but could be another side effect of the clomid...?) How 'bout you? on any meds? how long have you been trying?


Kat - October 19

Hi my Af is due 10/26. I have had cramping for several days. My breast are sore. I do not know if this is good or bad. I had an IUI done on 10/9


kat - October 19

Forgot to to tell you I was on clomid and took an HCG shot before the IUI. Good luck to all


MONICALIA - October 19

Hey Ladies - I'm joining in here!! I too have stalked the site for some time, posting here & there... DH & I have been TTC for 13 mos!! We suffer from the lovely “Unexplained Infertiltiy” -all blood / hormone testing = Normal / In Range, HSG = Open / Normal, Semen = Normal, I have normal cycles & no clinical diagnosis…. I am seeing an RE now as I was starting to loosed my mind w/ the whole “relax, don’t stress” bit & “taking matters into my own hands” holistic herbal supplementation. This was my first Diagnostics Cycle with them – found out that I ovulate late in my cycle, the 14 day count back method was not applicable to me - I produced a nice 14 follicle!! I had blood drawn & O’d on 14/15!! We BD like crazy 14, 15, 16, & 18 – We are hoping & praying this to be our month! I’m due to NOT get AF on the 23/24. AF is so fired! Damn her!! I’d love to make this a hot thread to ease the next few days, get to know & support each other & saturate ourselves in ***BABY DUST***. Cheers, MONICA


Kristi - October 19

Hi everyone! I too have been browsing the forum for about 3 weeks now and have posted here and there a few times. Would love to join in with you all! AF due 10/24-25 but hopefully will not come! I also O on the later side - around day 16/17 according to temps and OPK's. Took my first round of Clomid this last cycle - days 3-5, so just waiting now. I have not had any pms or pg symtoms before last night and now just some light cramping off and on which is very normal for me the week before AF comes. Do not have high hopes this first month, but is still stressful. I spot for a few days before AF comes full force and was told to start my clomid on day 3 of spotting, then of course this frist month on clomid i spotted for 5 days before heavy AF came!! Thinking i took the clomid the wrong days now so next cycle will wait for actual AF to start counting..... DH and I have been married for 3 years and were not really trying to get pg till this last month, BUT have NEVER used any protection for the last 3 years, so Dr. went ahead started the Clomid right away. I have also been married once before when I was in my early 20's (now 34 next month) and we never used protection and I did clomid for 3 months with nothing and we were married four years...my ex now has 3-4 or kids of his own.....nice. Well I guess we are all in the waiting game together the next few days...good luck to all and lots of baby dust!


D. Brown - October 19

Just joined today. Looking for pre-pregnancy health answers. If you want to talk, need some support or just a sensitive ear, give me a yell. We women have to help each other!! :)

[email protected]


MONICALIA - October 20

Stevie, Kat, Kristi, Desi & Piya - Mornin'! I just wanted to share some positive thoughts & ****BABY DUST**** with you ladies! C'mon now - we’ve only got 3-5 days left to ward off wretched AF & get our BFP's!!! I've seen support threads on here that end in multiple BFP's - let's make this one of them!!!


MONICALIA - October 20

Kat - I'm puling for your IUI woman! That would be the next step for DH & I… how was the actual procedure? How are you feeling / any new symptoms etc..?! Please report back with your progress! ***BABY DUST***


MONICALIA - October 20

Desi – Welcome! what’s your story & how are you feeling? Youre right us girls gotta stick together! *** BABY DUST***


MONICALIA - October 20

Piya – We could all use some company in the waiting period! Thanks for starting the tread! Keep us updated - how are you holding up?! What do you mean by erratic cycles lately – what’s your story?! ***BABY DUST***


MONICALIA - October 20

Stevie, Hello! This is a novel – I’m sorry – I’m looking for some insight!! I’m dying to know more about your PCOS diagnosis - you said you were diagnosed in 08/04, if I might ask – how old were you? Had you any idea that you may have the classic PCOS (irregular periods, diabetes, weight mgmt etc...?! What ended up being the deciding factor? I ask b/c when first starting with my RE I was told in the first ultrasound that my ovaries appeared “PCO’ish” – which shocked me & led me to research the syndrome. I have no symptoms, as I am 5’2 115lbs, have regular 28-29 periods, low blood pressure, am non-diabetic, no insilun resistance issues & a full hormone blood panel with normal in range results…. So to say the least – I came back like WTF?! How?! Explain!?! Etc.. Apparently my ovaries were a bit larger than normal w/ a pearl strand effect around each – pointing to not PCOS but PCO’ish ovaries!? Hmm – so they kept hinting at it in each ultrasound but not calling it – each time I went day 3, 10, 14, etc… there were no signs of any follicles / ovulation indicator this was getting me depressed & prepared to deal with PCOS diagnosis – they told me that I was not going to ovulate but kept asking me to wait a few more day & come back for another ultrasound “just incase” -by 18 they were going to call it quits on the diagnostic month cycle & induce my period with Provera – I told them hold up!! – I get AF every month & have never missed a period “why would I need to be induced?!” Yada yada -the Dr said – okay, your chart is showing PCO’ish ovaries & no sign of ovulation – if you want to get PG follow our advice – we will call you PCOS & An-Ovulatory & treat accordingly – most likely with Clomid to start etc… ect”… I told her no way – let me think about it. She was obviously frustrated that I’d been doing my research here & studying up on infertility / PCOS etc… Here I am telling her how I’d not settle for the run of the mill here’s some Clomid BS – she agreed to wait 4 more days & do one more ultrasound to look for Ovulation.. So I broke out my OPK’s (I still have no real idea how to use them the confuse the heck out of me) & started trying to up my precise color matching skills – Low & behold day 22 – the day of my appointment - I get an exact match!! DH & I are on the way to my RE for that final ultrasound & my insurance company wont give me an authorization as the RE’s office had went above & beyond the “normal” amount of ultrasound in a Diagnostics Test - So, after chewing the ears of several managers – they agreed to give me one more. I went in, shoed the Dr. the OPK, had my ultrasound & showed no “Pearl Strand” appearance of “PCO’ish-ness” & a 14 follicle! She was puzzled & in a hurry – told me to get to BD’ing now!! The blood was taken & cam back normal in range – Ovulating! Woo-Hoo for that, but I’m now even more confused! I have another blood draw tomorrow (progesterone) & a few days in waiting/. PLEASE NO AF!! Sorry for the rambling but like I said – I have no idea as to the PCOS diagnosis – as I studied, most often it is hereditary & /or discovered in teen years & associated with several of the symptoms I asked you about… I am trying to learn all I can, as I just don’t get how I could be PCO’ish one minute & not the next?!?! Crazy! All I can say is that if this month is my BFP month – The baby will most definitely be a miracle! Here’s to hoping!!! ***BABY DUST***


MONICALIA - October 20

Kristi! Hello. I’m sorry for the confusion in taking the Clomid – All you can do is relax & think positive! Your story is very similar to mine – DH & I have been together 5 years & for the past 3 years have never used protection or a pull out method (sorry, tmi) so after a full year of getting AF every month – I started to think hmm, I know we haven’t been trying but something should have happened by now!! I can also relate to you ex having a family now with someone else – my DH has a child from a previous relationship… Although I treasure & respect the relationship he has with his daughter -It kills me inside to know that here he & I have been trying but not trying for years & he managed to impregnate a 20year old girl on a one night stand! Talk about salt in the open wound making one feel inadequate as a woman – Kristi, DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!! Truth is you & ex were not meant to be so it wasn’t! Look at is as not an indicator that something is wrong with you – it just wasn’t meant to be! Your heart is into making it happen now & IT WILL!!! Please update us with your progress! ***BABY DUST***


Kristi - October 20

Well good luck Monicalia! I dont know anything about PCOS, so can't help you out there...I woke up this morn feeling as if AF had come but nothing and still feel like it now (it is 11:30am where I am) but just went to bathroom and still nothing, not even pink....don't know what is up with that, should not start for at least another 3-4 days at the earliest. Oh well, will just wait for it to come I suppose....Hope everyone is doing well, just a few more days to go....Baby dust!


stevie - October 20

Wow, this thread really grew since my last post! Hi everyone, so glad to have you all here for support! Monicalia, to answer your questions... I suspected I had PCOS ( or something else) for a while. I have never had a regular cycle. Started my period at age 10! But it came and went throughout my teens. At 16 I was put on the pill to "regulate" my cycles. Which worked, but really hid the problem. After ten years on the pill I stopped taking it to ttc. Months of no period brought me back to the Dr. then, months of test after test... bloodwork, ultrasounds and finally the PCOS diagnosis. I am only 27, 5'3" 110lbs. very active, no diabetes...? My symptoms were: irregular or lack of period, hormone imbalance, mild acne, and the ultrasound showed cysts. I tried 3 months of Metformin, which only made me sick. Then, after they checked out my husband (who's is completely fine) they put me on the clomid last month. I am supposed to try it for 3 months and if it doesn't work, IUI next. The past year has been hands down the most stressful, frustrating experience of my life! I just want a family, a simple natural thing, right? I am grateful for you ladies who are here to listen and share your stories. Baby dust to all!


stevie - October 20

Does anyone know if clomid causes stronger AF symptoms? i never have signs of AF and now i have really sore boobs and am sort of bloated (heavy sort of feeling in lower abdomen) and slightly crampy. i don't want to get my hopes up too high... thought these might be side effects of the clomid...?


Kristi - October 20

Stevie, I took Clomid this last month as well and my PMS (if that is what is) is different as well....I really feel as if I am ON my AF right now (crmapy feeling I usually have on my first day of AF) but there is nothing when I use the restroom....don't know if it is the clomid or not, but like you, don't want to get my hopes either.... ;-)



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