Waiting for December 27th. Anyone else??
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Ann - December 17

My dh and I have been ttc for a year and 8 months ("unexplained" infertility, although I had endo removed in September, so that could be the cause). I am on my third round of clomid and had my second iui on December 12th. I have a blood test scheduled for December 27th even though af isn't due to arrive until December 30th. This waiting is killing me!! Anyone else in the same boat?


Lily - December 18

Hi Ann,
I have been trying since January this year. Unexplained infertility as well. I think I am due for AF on the 21 December. The reason I am not sure is because I have tried to forget about the TTC journey as it was driving me insane! My hubby and I are going to try a herbal mix in January, from a company that has had some amazing results. http://www.sharkeyshealingcentre.com.au. I think this month is not the month as I am unsure when I b'd. Anyway good luck!


Lily - December 18

Anne, I am going away on holidays until the 4th of January so I will check back on you when I get back. Take care!


JMD - December 18

I'm in the same boat Ann. I had IUI on 12/12. I did five days of clomid 100 mg, follistim and HCG shot prior to IUI. My husbands spem count was low and mobility was only 40%; so my chances are probably slim. None the less the wait is driving me crazy as well. Keep me posted and I'll do the same. Am about to take penicillin for a sore throat I hope it doesn't effect anything. Good Luck!


JMD - December 18

Next time I will proofread. Sorry for all the spelling errors.


Ann - December 18

Hi girls, thanks for posting and it is nice to hear from some others who are waiting. Lily, have you and your husband had all the usual fertility tests?? Or is your dr waiting until you have been trying for a year? JMD, is your husbands total count still high? I read somewhere that anything over 30 million doesn't really increase chances that much. I also had a friend a long time ago and her dh had an extremely low count. The drs did some kind of filtering process to separate out the live ones. She got preg on her 2nd iui. I see that you are taking clomid, is that just due to your dh's count? Do you have a blood test scheduled or are you going to do hpts first? My dr scheduled the blood test because she said, with iui, the chance of an ectopic pg is higher so she likes to know right away. She said the hcg counts usually don't increase as quickly with ectopic, so she uses 2 blood tests to get an indication. So how do you guys keep your mind off this waiting process? Work is somewhat of a distraction, but it doesn't help me that much!! It is actually easier when I can be at home doing "fun" stuff. I usually have lots of patience, but not for this for some reason!!


Lily - December 19

Hi Ann, I have been to a fertility clinic and everything is normal. After a year of trying I have decided to take a natural approach rather than start IUI or IVF. I am going to start in January with the healing centre, they often make the news here (Australia) with their amazing results. And the cost is much cheaper than IUI and IVF :) I will let you know when I start, and hopefully will have a BFP soon. The two week wait is hard, go to www.twoweekwait.com to ease the two week wait a little. It is a great web site :)


Lily - December 19

Hi JMD, good luck for this month! Baby dust to you both.


Lily - December 19

I am off to the airport now, speak to you on the 5th of January. Hope to hear some BFP results :) Have a great xmas and a happy new year ladies.


JMD - December 19

Thanks Lily. Hi Ann. I did all the test and everything is fine with me but due to my age (37) the doctor think it is best to move the situation along. We've been ttc for 10 months and decided we wanted to try IUI and the dr prescribed the meds to control ovulation and assist with the production of mature eggs. The low sperm count was after washing; I'm not sure if the total count is normal. The wait is killing me because my dr did not sound confident after IUI; she was already speaking about the next time. Well at least we have X-mas as a distraction.


Ann - December 19

Hi JMD, aside from getting the iui the SAME day, I am 36, so we are both in that "advanced maternal age" category. Nice!! I feel really young otherwise...when are you going to take your first hpt?


Ann - December 19

Lily, thanks for the twoweekwait.com website. Now I have another site to obsess on, which will help with the wait! I noticed one symptom on most of the posts that I just noticed on myself this morning (that I have never seen on myself before). It is a tmi thing, so I won't mention it! I am sure I am getting my hopes up for nothing, though...


ashlee - December 19

hi everyone! i have been trying for 10 months now. i succeded in may but lost my baby in june. since then no luck. as each month goes by the fact that im not pregnant is getting harder and harder to take. i had a really weird dream the night before last that i was pregnant and the only way to test if i was, was to have a ultrasound. (which somehow the equipment for that just happened to be sitting in the kitchen draw amongst all the cutlery.) it was weird, but at the same time, felt so real. when i woke up i carried that feeling all through the day. it was a great feeling until every now and then reality bit back at me. my af would be due around dec 27th. not quite sure though, because last two cycles of mine were very srtange. usually i am spot on every 28 days even almost within the same hour. now my body has just gone cRaZy!!!! so i dont know whatz goen on in my little reproductive world. i just have a feeling that im not preggers this month either. a horrible feeling. one im sure all you unfortunately know ver well. im sick of getting my hopes up also. i hope you gals didnt mind me sharing my story in here!! baby dust to you all! BEST OF LUCK! MAY ALL OUR CHRISTMAS WISHES COME TRUE!~*~*~* XX


Ann - December 19

Hi Ashlee, welcome, and how are you doing with the wait?? Do you know why you are having trouble getting pg/have you done any of the tests?


JMD - December 20

Hi Ann. I'm going to do my first test next Monday and then I will test again next Tuesday. I would love to test now but I know the possiblity of getting a false positive is great. The only symptom I have is extremely tender breast for the past six days. Ashlee stay positive who knows you may get a late x-mas present. LOTS OF BABY DUST!


Ann - December 20

Hi JMD, I keep thinking I have symptoms too. I've read what people have said about "lotiony" cm. I think I have that and I usually have little to none at this time in my cycle. I also feel like I have a bit of a cold and my face is hot. I don't have the sore bbs, though (I don't have much in the way of bbs in general :)), and that seems to be the most common symptom. I keep trying to decide if I feel something or if I just WANT to feel something. I am going to test on Xmas day (12dpo)--would be nice to get a + that day. It seems like a lot of people get a + by that point. Either way, I will keep my blood test appt for the 27th. Do you feel like you have any other symptoms?


JMD - December 21

I have the "lotiony" cm as well and this is not the norm for me. I also have a cold, a very bad one. I just contributed that to the season. The bbs are no longer sore. However this morning I am having slight nausea, which can probably be contributed to my cold/flu symptoms.



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