Waiting for AF and on Clomid????????
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Darleen - November 10

When you use clomid, how long is your cycle from one af to the next? How long should you wait to test? I am on day 31 from my last af and started spoting lightly (only visible when using the Restroom) on day 25 with cramping and am still lightly spoting today. I also tested today and got a negative result. Should I just start clomid again?


Mega - November 10

Hi Darleen. Interesting. Sometimes it takes a while for a HPT to register a BFP. I'd say if you keep on lightly spotting & AF doesn't come on with a full flow in the next day or so, call the dr for a beta blood test. But as for starting Clomid again--wait til you get full flow. If there's any chance you're pregnant, you don't want to take Clomid. Good luck! I don't want to give you false hope, but it sounds promising. Baby dust!!! Keep us posted.



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