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lisa_sc - February 23

I went today for my ultrasound after taking Femara for the first time. Hopefully will O this weekend with HSG shot also. Was just looking for someone to wait with and could share their experience with me.


ella - February 23

Hi lisa_sc. I too am taking femera and went for an u/s today. I have two mature follicles 22 and 24 and am assuming I will surge Saturday????? Let's hope. I quite like the femara. No side effects compared to the clomid for me.


lisa_sc - February 24

Hi ella. I have two mature follicles also. Did they give you an HSG shot? My doctor gave me the stuff to take it myself when I O. I'm hoping mine will come this weekend also. I am having a lot more cm too. Here's hoping and keep me posted! Good luck to you


lisa_sc - February 24

opps...and i meant to say hsg...boy this has been a long day


lisa_sc - February 24

opps...and i meant to say hcg...boy this has been a long day


jcr - February 24

just a quickie! I did my first round of femara, did hcg cd 18 and got my BFP!!! So hang in there Femara was my wonderdrug!!! Goodluck and hope you all have the same story in 20 days or so!!!


lisa_sc - February 24

I took opk this moring and line was a little darker. Hope it happens this weekend. Ella, how are you doing. And thank you jcr for that encouring news!


bump - February 24



ella - February 25

Hi lisa_sc. I go today for an IUI at 11am. I surged on my own yesterday. I hope, so hope. My dh has a low sc, but has been taking his vitamins so I hope the numbers are high. I did an hcg a few months ago and all was well. Now the painful 2ww...... what is happening with you. Is this the weekend. Keep me informed. All the best!!!!


lisa_sc - February 25

Hi ella. Haven't surged yet. I am going back to the doctor Monday if I haven't surged by then to get another ultrasound. I just hope I'm doing the opk right. She told me not to use the first morning pee to use the next time, and also once in the afternoon. Is that how you have been testing? Well, good luck and I hope everything goes well. I'll be thinking about you and let me know how it goes! Fingers crossed ; )


ella - February 25

I have not used OPK's. Does you RE do daily bloodwork? Went for IUI today. I am experiencing some cramping which seems to be in my right kidney???? Wierd, hopefully a good sign and not a UT infection. Hope the surge comes soon for you girl. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.


lisa_sc - February 26

Hey. Maybe that is a good sign. I really hope this works for you the first time so you don't have to go through this stuff again. They are not doing daily bloodwork. I had the ultrasound Friday and my doctor told me to use the opk everday, twice a day, until I find my surge. I just hope I don't miss it. I'll go back for another ultrasound Monday if I haven't O yet. I'll try to help you through your ttw period. I know it's rough. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Let me know!


Nin - February 26

Hi Ella, Your and mine cycles are quite near. I ovelated on 24th. I had my IUI on 23rd & 24th and am on 2WW. Let's hope this month brings the BFPs for us. Good Luck to you too.


ella - February 26

Nin how come you do two IUI's? I just wonder if I should have done the same. Does your DH have a low SC? Mine does. I am trying to go on as usual, but I think of this all the time. Lisa have you surged yet? Best of luck!!!!


Nin - February 27

Ella, for our first 3 attempts we had one IUI only. When I heard about 2 IUIs back to back I asked my Dr. She said it is a good idea as it increases the chances. so we decided to give it a try as we are really running out of time (I am 34 now). It is done 1 day before u r expected to ovulate and the day when you have ovulated. This time my timing was perfect as the Dr. performed U/S before both IUIs. My both follicles had ruptured at the time of second IUI. My husbands count used to be around 28M. But for the first time it was 62M & 57M. So we are hoping that it works this time. May be I am having very high hopes. But cann't wait to get pregnant now....


lisa_sc - February 27

Hi ella. I still haven't surged yet. Yesterday, I had what I thought was ovulation pains on my right side, but I could have been wrong. I'm going back this afternoon for another ultrasound and see what they say. I hope I didn't miss it. Are you feeling any better? Hi Nin and welcome. I hope everything works out for you this time and keep us posted.


ella - February 27

Hi girls. Lisa I am feeling better. I was so bloated the day of my IUI. I guess this was possibly due to the ovulation. I hope all went well. My dh's count was 39 million, but only 7 million were retrieved for the wash. I know it only takes one, but..... I do feel pressure in my abdomen and rectal area. Have no idea what this is. Have either of you experienced this. Nin I will be 34 in July as well. I do have a 4 year old who is the light of my life.
Talk soon!!



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