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Heidi - December 9

Hey ladies. I am currenlty 2dpIUI and trying to be patient. Mary, you said that you will be having an HSG done. Have you had that yet??? Amber, how are things going? Sara, with my dh's appt in a few weeks looks like we will be waiting together to ttc again-----if I don't get my bfp. Being that you both have experienced pregnancy, if it isn't too painful, could you tell me if you had any symptoms right away? Or what your earliest signs were and when you experienced them? It is hard not to think everything is a symptom. Every cycle on clomid is different and I have spoken to many people that experienced things at different times. Waiting......


Sara - December 9

I'm glad you made another thread,we were gettin pretty long! When I got pg my very first symptom was muscle cramps.I had them all over my body.I got them when I was pg with my daughter so when I got them I knew I was pg. I haven't heard of many people getting them as a sign of pg but I do. After that I became really light headed and dizzy.My bbs started to get sore and I got a tiny bit of nausea. All of those were with my pregnancy from my 1st m/c.My last pregnancy I was really nauseated/throwing up,bbs hurt and I had major headaches.On both of those pregnancys I had lower back ache and fullness in my abdomin. But remember not everyone has symptoms early.I had nausea early because I have a very hard time taking with estrogen(I couldn't even take BC)because when I had just a little more estrogen then normal I got sick.I hope that you get a BFP too!!! If not you have a waiting buddy!


Mary - December 9

I found it! Heidi, I had symptoms a few days after o, which could be the meds I was taking...but I was pg and didn't experience it the following months after m/c on the same meds. I had sore bb's. At week 4 1/2, I started feeling my stomach tugging every day. The day I m/c, I woke up with no s/s and told dh my bb's don't hurt anymore and he said that's good and I said, no, I like the symptoms! then a couple hours later it happened. I've heard of women truly not having any s/s till they are 7-8 weeks along. Everyone's bodies are different. Sometimes, we think every little change is a sign and that can be a downfall too cuz it gets our hopes up. Nope, haven't done the hsg, waiting for af to start! Where is everyone in their cycles?


Mary - December 12

I finally got af this weekend, after about 60 days of waiting!!! I'm definitely someone who needs meds in order for things to work down there! So now I can schedule my hsg. Sarah, Heidi, everyone else, how are you doing??


Sara - December 13

Well Mary atleast now you can get the help you need to get things going in the right direction.Heidi-How are you doing and what is going on with you?I am just hanging out and enjoying my break from ttcing.I've been a lot more "mentally stable" if that is possible.LOLI really needed it.I haven't had time to see the Dr yet.I'll get in to see her soon.I've been so busy Christmas shopping,planning a b-day party for my son and working like crazy! I'm hoping for a Valentines BFP.Hopefuly I'll be the last one and you guys will get yours before me.Take care girls and keep in touch.


Brie - December 13

Hi there, I just found this post...
I had a question about when to bd. The opk came back positive for three days(wed, thurs, fri) of last week. DH and I were bding tues, wed, thurs and friday. On saturday the opk came back negative. SHould we have continued to have sex on saturday and sunday even though the test was negative? thank you for your insight.


Sara - December 14

Brie-welcome to the site.I think you did good on BDing.It would have been agood idea to atleast BD on Saturady because you might not have O'd until Sat or Sunday but You might have had enough lil fellas up there to catch the egg.If you aren't pg this month continue to BD atleast 2 days after you get a +OPK next month. Just make sure the test line is darker than the control line for it to be a +. I hope you get a BFP this month!Good luck and baby dust.


Brie - December 14

Sara, thanks for the input. So even though the test came back negative on saturday, you still think I could have ovulated? Also, what's your take on Bding everyday? Hopefully there were enough up there to work this time. Today is CD 20. I have been having some cramping yesterday and this morning--do you think it's AF this soon? Hope not.


Mary - December 14

Welcome Brie! I don't think your af will come this early, but I don't know your cycles. Most women have their af about 13-14 days after ovulation. How long have you been ttc? I scheduled my hsg for Monday so I'll let you know how that goes! I'm excited cuz I've heard people say they've gotten pg right after it ...hope I fall into that group!


Heidi - December 14

Mary, I hope you also fit into that group! I have been busy trying to get ready for Christmas. It has been a nice distraction. Currenlty on day 22, 8dpIUI. I have been real moody and have other PMS symptoms so I anticipate my period in a few days. Bummed, but getting use to that feeling. My husband and I will be seeing a specialist the 28th. My physician is a specialist, but she wants dh to have a full workup before any other treatment is administered. I am praying that all works out. Sara, I too am FINALLY experiencing a little sanity. There isn't so much pressure knowing that I may have to wait a month or two. I am pleasantly surprised. Thought I would be distraught. Well, there is always tomorrow!! LOL.


Sara - December 15

Brie-Yeah you tested way too early for it to show up.If you have a regular 28 day cycle you should probably 13-14dpo to test. I have heard to BD every other day since AF until you get a +OPK then BD atleast once a day for the next 3-4 days. Mary-let us know how the hsg goes on Monday!Good luck!!! I hope you do get a BFP right away.That would be great. Heidi-good luck with the specialist.I'm glad you are feeling better.I think when some of the stress comes off is when you will probably get pg.I really hope they will be able to help you and DH.Take care girls!


Mary - December 15

I'm glad to hear you guys are "experiencing sanity", it's amazing how this ttc does rule our lives and we get so hard on ourselves. A friend of mine (with a baby, of course!) reminded me the other day to cherish the lives we have right now. So I've been trying to do that...sleeping through the night without interruptions really is nice! Of course we'd all give that up for that bfp! :) Keeping busy with the holidays sure does help. Heidi, can't wait to hear what the dr. on the 28th recommends!!! :) Bye


Brie - December 15

I am confused about why yu said I tested too early? Tested too early for what? I have not done a preg test yet, am waiting until a week from tomorrow if af doesn't show up. I did the opks last week from tues through sat and they were positive on wed, thurs and Fri. Satursday was negative so we stopped bdinng. Should we have continued to bd over the weekend even thought the opk was negative? The wait is killing me. I am trying to be positive and relax a little. I am still having some cramping, hoping it's due to pregnancy and not af on her way. Hope all of you are having a good day. One more day till the weekend!
Baby dust to you.


Heidi - December 17

Brie- I think you did good bding those days also. If you don't get your bfp this month, next month I would continue to bd 2-3 day after you rec your positive even on those days that you had a neg after you detected your LH surge. I say this because as soon as I get my positive, my RE waits 24 hours and then does insemination. She says that a woman's egg is good for up to 48 hours and a woman o's anywhere from 24-36 hours after she detects her surge. We also bd leading up to the positive to ensure that the little guys are up there! I hope that this helps. Also, I found that the opks can be misleading and hard to read some times so I did some research. They say that it doesn't matter what time to test, but my results are clearer if you test every day around 2:00pm. The reasoning is because many women have their LH surge in the morning, but it does not become fully detectable til hours later. I stop drinking fluids at 10:00am and test at 2:00. (Sometimes it is a long time to hold it!!!) Once I read this and tried it, I was amazed by how much darker the lines were on the opk!! Good luck. Mary I am anxious for Monday for you! I hope everything goes well! Sara, if it isn't tmi, what was your cm like when you were pregnant (like a week or two after implantation)? Have a great weekend gals and thanks for all the support!


SaraD - December 18

Heidi-when I was pg my cm was yellowish/white and really lotiony.I had ALOT of it. There is still a chance for a BFP this month-don't give up yet. I really hope you get it. Mary-I am glad that you are feeling better.Yeah that puts things in prospective on what is important besides JUST ttcing. Thanks that made me feel better too. I know we'll all get our BFP's I guess when the time is right for each of us. Take care girls!


Mary - December 19

I had my hsg today and it went fine. My tubes are clear and dr. said it looks perfect. Just need to o on my own now... The procedure didn't hurt like I thought it would from everything I read. I took ibuprofen beforehand and had some food in my tummy. Felt like a pap exam. Ya know how I don't o on my own? well, yesterday I had cm. Not ewcm, but still something, so that gives me some hope that maybe, just maybe I have a chance of o'ing on my own! gotta run!


SaraD - December 19

Mary-I am so glad to hear that everything went good and your tubes are clear.That's great news.It's good too to hear that you are having CM.Everyone's CM is different so maybe your body is finally starting to straighten itself out!YEAH! Take care and keep us posted!



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