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Jellybabe - August 30

Hi. i am 22 and ttc baby #1.Trying for the 4th time now. I ovulated around the 20th.My cycle should be 24 days which means I should have my period on the 4/09. It's six days away. Usually i have pms, normal sore breasts and spots. But that starts 10 days before period. Now it's 5 days until and still no sign of pregnancy or period. I do feel very exhausted and had some bloatiness and cramps. But nothing too severe. I've never had cramps before my periods. So i'm waiting to see if af comes or if i can test. I'm soooo nervous....Baby dust to all aswell.


may - August 30

hi i skippedf a period in july my lmp was july 1st,since then on the 15th i had spotting but it was brown then it went,then on sunday 28th i started to spot but it was difrent this time it is pink and only there when i wipe.i am getting cramps could this be ib? and the spotting i had before was ovulation spotting? i have done a hpt but was neg on sunday.i havnt had a period since july 1st though and i missed 1 which should have been july 24th and then 4 weeks after i missed that i got brown spotting for 2 days and now im spotting again for 2days. i havnt come off any b/c i have been having a period every month. they are a little irregular but i can track them then this month it all goes weird. do you think this could be ib? i have sore boobs mild cramps and a bit of backache.


jellybabe - August 30

So many things disturb our cycles that it's hard to tell. any kind of stress or change. but the best advice i can give is to take another hpt. I nothing, go see a doctor to take some tests or give advice.Good luck and baby dust.


may - August 30

i went to my doc they said they wouldnt do anything til i missed a 3rd period.


jellybabe - August 30

That is a bit stupid. If something would be wrong, it's a long time to wait. But i don't want to make you worry. Wait for a while and see what happens. Keep posted and let know whats going on.. Good luck and don't give up hope


may - August 30

yeh docs over here are real stupid they wont do bloods or u/s


jellybabe - August 31

Hi may. How are you doing today?Any news? I am still waiting and nothing too severe yet. Very slightly sore boobs and headache but nothing that mcuh. Keep in touch yeah?



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