Vitex for regular cycle but w/ PMS
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Sophia - September 12

I would like to know if any of you tried using Vitex and helped them with their PMS... I have a regular 28 days cycle....but experiencing dysmenorrhea and other signs of PMS like bloating, breast tenderness, fatigue and more...every month... I'm also TTC for a year but no success until now. I read a lot of you tried vitex and get pg...but most of you tried vitex because you had irregular cycle. So i'm just wondering if i can take it even if i have a regular cycle.


bump - September 12



Bump x2 - September 12

great question... i keep hearing of people taking vitex / ovulex / fertilaid products & having positive results in regulating their cycles. i have been taking vitex for about 3 months now & have had my cycle lengthened from a 28-29 normal cycle of 3-4 bleeding time to a now 35 day cycle of 4-6 bleeding time. At this point, it has caused me so many more easily confused symptoms, weight gain, abdomonal pains / cramps, mood swings, lower back ovulation pains etc... I was tested back in MArch & advised of no problems so this wasnt a hormonal / regulatory thing - more of a desperate ttc try anything thing! So - my question here is the same as yours. Is it safe to take Vitex w/ a regular period? Any success stories of women ttc who took Vitex w/ a regular cycle? At this point, I'm about to throw in the towel. BUMPx2


A T - September 14

Hi I take Vitex and I usually have regular cycle. However, I didn't get any in July, I took Vitex for about a week and there comes my AF. Works well and fast for me. So in my case, I was normally regular and Vitex did help. No cramping for me and so I was glad. I think if your cycle is already regular, it will help with the normal PMS symptoms and regular your hormon which is important if you want to concieve.


me - September 14

I wouldn't since it is to help regulate those that do not have irregular periods every month. Why mess with something that isn''t broken just because you think it will help you conceive faster? I think you may do more harm than good. Talk to your dr about it. Good luck.



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