Vitamins to improve Sperm Quality ??
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Jas112 - March 23

I just got a BFN........ and my DH and i are going to wait a month or so before trying IUI again.. could anyone please tell me what vitamins my DH can take to improve his Quality of sperm>>> anything will help please


Lizzy4 - March 23

Hi Jas112. DH and I are also waiting a month before our next IUI and our fertility clinic has given him the following vitamins to take once a day(he has very low quality sperm - only 1%): Vitamin E, Zinc, and Folic Acid. I've also read that L'Cartinine is good for sperm quality.


Jas112 - March 23

Hi Lizzy are these 3 different pills or is it like a multi vitamin? My DH has very bad morpholgy or what ever its called... so we are going to take all the right steps for the next time to make sure we have the best chances


Lizzy4 - March 23

Those are three different pills, Jas. They said not to take any other vitamins with it. Sounds like your Dh and mine has exactly the same problem. Let's hope the next IUI works!


Chas - March 23

Hi Jas and Lizzy. My dh originally had a low count, everything else was normal, but we went to see an acupunturist who told us to try Proceptin. My Dh's first SA was only 13 million total. A year later we moved on to an RE and have tried one IUI with no meds but it failed. He had been taking the proceptin for two months and his count at the IUI was 86 million! We were really excited. Of course after the wash only 16 mill which was still good, but evidently it just wasn't the time. Anyway, my point being, I don't know if it was the proceptin, but I have ordered another bottle just in case!! It is kind of expensive about $100 a bottle w/shipping. But, hey if it helps I'll take it !
We are getting ready to try another IUI next week. I have been taking clomid this time even though I ovulate on my own maybe it will increase our chances. Sorry to rant on and on, but if you want to check those vitamins out... it's
Good luck !!


addie1717 - March 23

Hey Jas,
My DH has a somewhat low count back in Sept...RE told me to have him take L-Carnitine 500 mg a day, and the last two IUI's he has been really high...last month was 368 mill with 85% motility. Not sure if that is what did it, but we are sticking with it!


chele - March 23

JAS, my dh did not have low, low sperm counts but they wanted him to try and improve it. He has been told and taking a normal multiple, Vitamin E, Vitamin C. It has worked, they are always impressed by the count but even more so by the motility.



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