very worried about short menstrual flow
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ciara - April 18

i've been ttc for a year now, i have periods every month, my cycle is usually anywhere around 30 - 35 days. 2 months ago i got a very faint BFP but unfortunately m/c 10 days later :-( my periods only last for 2 -3 days and quite light - i would only go through 2 - 3 tampons in the first 2 days and very light after that. Is this why i can't get pregnant?? is there anyone else with very short periods that have been successful? Please help i am in my 30s and feel like i'm running out of time and lost!!


lovemy3 - September 6

Hi there, Just read your post from a long time ago, what has happened since then?


diem - September 6

I'd love to hear as well.


linds99 - September 6

I'm guessing that your progesterone levels may be a bit low, if your periods are that light, since your uterine lining may not have built up to significant levels. But honestly, I have read a lot of women on this forum and other forums who have light periods and get pregnant no problem. Have you ever gotten your hormone levels evaluated by an RE?


ciara - September 7

haven't been on this site for a while! since writing that i have been to see a doctor and she didn't seem to think there was anything wrong. I mentioned it to her and she didn't think that was the cause of not being able to conceive. I had day 3 hormone test done also and that was normal too. My periods were 5 - 7 days until i went on bc in my early 20s, this made them lighter and they have been very light ever since i went off them which was about 2 1/2 years ago. I am pretty sure that i am still ovulating every month as i always get a peak on my fertility monitor and my temps always go up after as well. Also i had a scan done with the Dr around ovulation time about 3 months ago and she said that my uterine lining was good and thick enough. However i am now on clomid 50mg and i went for a scan two days ago but she said my lining was now borderline but that was because of the clomid. Sorry to ramble on - what i am trying to say is that i don't think having light/short periods is a problem. I just wish i could get pregnant now! I am going for a HSG next cycle so i will let you know if anything shows up there which may cause the light periods.


linds99 - September 8

Hi Ciara, I am on Clomid too (second cycle now) they upped it to 100 mg from 50 mg. I have too read that the uterine lining does get a little compromised with clomid, but your doctor will likely give you progesterone supplementation to build it up if it remains borderline in case you do get preggers this cycle.


ciara - September 8

Hi Linds are you taking clomid because you don't ovulate by yourself or to sort out your cycle lengths? i was put on it because my cycles were between 30 - 35 days and once 39 days and i always ovulated between day 19 - 22. First month i took clomid i ovulated on day 17 and this month i ovulated day 15 which is great as that's the earliest i've ovulated. However my Dr wants me to come off clomid next cycle and just try naturally as there are no physical reasons why i can't get pregnant and in the long run she thinks it will do more harm then good as i ovulate normally anyway. God i'm just so frustrated that there is nothing that can help me! i suggested IVF and she just laughed and said it was way too early to try that. I just don't see the point of having to wait another couple of years before we can try ivf and then my chances are decreased by then anyway cos i'm older! sorry i am rambling again. how long have you been trying for?



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