Very Worried
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Jennifer O - November 27

We have been trying to get PG for 5 months now. I have been PG 3 times before but never had a successful birth. Well I think I might be pg now. My nipples are sore, wake up with morning sicknesses, hot flashes, and when I smelt some mayo I went and puked my guts out. My period is now 2 days late I am going to take pg test tomorrow morning. What I am worried about is that all my pg symptoms have come to a halt. It started Friday I noticed I didn't feel nauseous and that my breast hurt less. Also I started having menstrual type cramps. Saturday even less symptoms and today I woke up feeling hungry instead of sick and my breast hardly hurt at all. Dose this mean I am heading for another miscarriage or is it normal for pg symptoms to fluctuate or maybe I am not pg at all but my periods are never late. I really want a baby. I want to be able to hold my beautiful 2 month old niece without thinking how much I want child of my own. Thanks for reading


kris - November 27

it sounds very promising to me that you are pregnant. i would def take a test and then contact your doctor to schedule an apt. he may be able to help you avoid another mc. good luck!


K - November 28

You can def have different symptoms each time. But I would check with a dr to see if you need prog supps or a baby aspirin a day to prevent m/c



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