Very Very Faint Positive! Could this be?
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M'Rita - September 30

Hi Girls!
Today is CD 39/38 and AF has been a little late. After work yesterday I did a HPT and the 2nd line came back very very faint, buy it was definitely there. I ran to show to DH and he could also see it. I really don't want to put my hopes up and DH told me to just wait with the conclusions...I know it's too early, but could it be that I am PG? Did anyone get a very faint positive and was really PG? OMG, If I get a negative I would be devastated. I need ur help!
~~~Baby Dust~~~
Love xxx Rita


Toni - September 30

It could be true! Try to take another test with morning urine and see what happens. Good luck!


Mindi - September 30

Sounds very promising......could be a BFP!!


Mega - September 30

I've heard that false positives are rare. And a faint positive is a positive. So sounds VERY good to me. Maybe you can get a beta scheduled to make sure your numbers are good. Congrats! Keep us posted.


t - September 30

well i was told that negatives can give u false reading but posstives are very rare


Michelle - September 30

I have several times gotten a faint positive that proved to be accurate. (I have repeat miscarriages.) I was told that any positive is a positive, no matter how faint the line. The only thing that could change that would be if you lost it very, very early. I wouldn't worry about that though; I'd just be happy because you are pregnant!!! Congratulations!!!!!



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