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babs - February 2

This is really weird, and I dare not get excited just yet. Saw my consultant today who confirmed that I'll have to start injectibles as neither clomid nor tamoxifen have worked for me. He said my cd21 bloods were very low. Have to wait another six weeks or so to start injections (in UK) so got the forms for x-ray and pre-treatment bloodwork, and he said that after a BFN he would give me a drug to induce AF. So, did a test and BFP..........two tests, both BFP. After three years of trying (m/c this time last year) I can't belive it! I'm scared it could be a mistake or something. Will by a different brand of test tommorow and then wait a week or so before I see Doc (just in case AF turns up next week) Does anyone know of anything that can cause a false BFP? I've got some pg symptoms, but they don't seem very bad, although if I am pg, then it must be very early. I really hope this is it! Good luck to all of you....BABY DUST!


Tink - February 2

wow, that is awesome! definitely request a beta to confirm! we seem to have quite a few natural break BFPs around here lately! congrats


mommy2josh - February 2

Congrats Babs. If your progesterone was over 7 on day 21 then you O'd and if you O'd you could definately be preggers. Unless you took a trigger shot, then I dont think there is much that will give you a false possitive. Call your doc asap to get b/w done to make sure your progesterone levels are rising to support your pregnancy. Good luck to you. :)


babs - February 2

Hi guys, thanks for your comments. I think if I am pg then I must have o'd after my cd21 bloods were done. If my tamoxifen cycle had been normal, then af should have arrived about 25th Jan, so maybe everything's just running a week late? Will buy another test tommorow, and then maybe see Doc next week. Don't want to get too excited though, since it's almost exactly a year since my m/c. I didn't take any other treatment except the Tamoxifen back in Dec, so I don't think that could be making any difference to the result. They seem really reluctant to do bloods here, unless there's a problem, so I guess it's a case of wait and see! I don't really want to involves the Docs early this time, as they don't do anything anyway, and I'd only have to wait a few weeks for a u/s. I'll just have to take it one day at a time, and try not to get my hopes up too much. Had to call DH to pop home from work top double check that there was a +ve line!!! Just can't believe it! Thanks again for your supprt guys, good luck to you too.


Ann1 - February 3

babs, I had the same thing happen right before I was to start ivf. I reacted with disbelief as well, but it ended up that it was true! I even took my hpts with me to my first beta and asked the phlebotomist, "Is this what a positive test looks like??" If I were you, I would go to the dr as soon as you would like. It sounds like you are pg! Congrats!!


Boo b do - February 4

Hi Babs, I too am in the uk. I took five months of clomid and developed cysts so decided not to take any meds for now. I had a 'peak' on my fertility monitor so know I ovulated this month without meds, just waiting for my Af to show. The dr gave me a prescription for Tamoxifen which I have held back taking as until you thread, I had not read any stories of it working. I am so thrilled for you. Can you tell me what days you took it and how much you had to take? Lots of sticky baby dust to you, keep us updated with your progress.


JB0405 - February 5

Hey Babs!!! WOW, amazing story. I know for a fact that HCG can cause false positives BUT this is not the case for you. GOOD LUCK! Please keep us posted!


Mega - February 5

Definitely sounds like you're pg! Congrats! I hope this is a happy, healthy pg for you. Good luck!


babs - February 6

So, I went to the Doc last night, all confirmed have booked a dating scan etc. Still don't belive it, although the pg symptoms are coming thick and fast now! So tired, really sore bbs, and quite sick. Doc reckons I'm 51/2 weeks, but I don't see how I can be, seeing as my bloods came back so low from CD21. Although I have a friend who was told she would NEVER concieve with bloods as low as hers, and at the time she was 8 weeks pg! I'm trying not to worry too much, I think I'll be better once we've got a little heartbeat (never got that far last time). Boo b doo: I took my tamoxifen CD2-6 @60mgs per day (three pills). Thaht's the highest doseage they do, so the doc told me if it didn't work this time then there was no point continuing with it. To be honest I don't know if it was the Tamoxifen, or just good luck, but anything's worth a try!


babs - February 6

Sorry, I meant to say a huge than you to all of you for all the lovely things you've said, I'll keeo you all in the picture if you want me to? I hope you're all doing well too, amd that this year is amazing for all of us! Thanks again.x


star_4_baby - February 6

good luck girl-hope everthing works out well for you-HUGS-


K - February 6

Congratulations Babs!! I also have a friend who was told she would never conceive and she threw up on the way out of the doctor's office. Everyone assumed it was because she was distraught. Turns out it was because she was sitting there pregnant, as they we're telling her it couldn't happen. She has a beautiful little girl!


star_4_baby - February 7

K-its nice to hear all this amazing stories.......i wish i could say that too.just that with my history doc told me that my chances could be zero after 30 and i am 27now


babs - February 13

Hi everyone, Just thought I'd keep anyone who's interested up to speed with this wierd and wonderful surprise! I was due to have a dating scan today, but I've changed it to next week, as think I'm still only 51/2 weeks, rather than the 61/2 that the docs think. After having horrible scarey early scans last time (when I had my m/c) I'd much rather wait a week, then know that whoever's got the date right there should def be a heartbeat. Hope that makes sense?! I was really tempted to go today because I still can't really believe it! Even though my pg symptoms are really strong now, bbs really sore, exhausted, and was sick this am! I do want to just see it and know there's def something happening! I hope my story so far helps all of you guys who are still waiting feel a bit better. I know how hard it is, but if it can happen to me, then it can work out for all of us! Baby dust to you all.x


babs - February 21

Hi, Just to let anyone out there know that I had my scan yesterday and it's official! I'm 6wks 4days pg! I know it's still really early, and I'm still worried, but we saw a heartbeat (we didn't get that far last time) so that was reassuring. According to my scan, this squidge will be due on Oct 13th, all being well. I still can't believe it, and I mean it when I say, if it can eventually work out for me, then it can certainly work for everyone else. I wish you all the very best, and I'm happy to keep you up to date if you want? Baby dust to you all!



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