Very Low Progestrone and miscarriages
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Andrea - August 24

I just recently had my 2nd miscarriage because of my progestrone levels. My first level with my first pregnancy and miscarriage was 5. Then with this miscarriage the progestrone level was 1!!! My ob-gyn wrote me a Rx for progestrone. However she told me that this pregnancy would not be viable, I was already bleeding and cramping. Then she told me to use the progestrone when I start trying to conceive. Is having a extremely low progestrone level a cause of infertility?


KellyN - August 24

Hi Andrea! My doc put me on a progesterone supplement last cycle to "build up the lining of my uterus" since it was kind of thin looking in the u/s. So, I know that you are more likely to m/c without good progesterone levels. I am also on clomid, and I've heard that clomid can sometimes make the uterus walls thin, and need progesterone supplements to make up for it. I also have heard that women who do not get af, or get it very infrequently are prescribed progesterone to build up the lining, and make them have af.


Lena - August 24

Infertility can be defined as two ways: (1) the inability to conceive, or (2) the inability to produce live offspring. With the second definition, yes, progesterone can be a cause of infertility. Be assured however, that it is easily treated with progesterone supplementation and you'll be able to carry your baby to term.


Andrea - August 25

Thanks Lena and Kelly N.



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