VERY long cycles after pill+Prometrium etc...
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wondering - November 28

Has anyone else had excessively long cycles after stopping the pill. I have not had a normal af since JULY!! I took Provera in September and I'm not on CD 61 and on day 6 of a 10 day Prometrium Prescription. My doctor said if no af by Jan then I have to do the Prometrium again + Clomid. ANYONE ELSE!?!?!?!


wondering - November 28

sorry, that should say NOW on CD 61


bump - November 29



karen - November 30

Yes, I was on the pill for 8 years and my first cylce was 52 days. Next 46, 35 and 37 days long. That was back in early March when I got off the pill. Now my cycles are pretty much 35 days and lighter than I ever remember than being before the pill. I am to start clomid next cycle.


Shawna - November 30

I took the pill for 6 years and stopped in April. I had a regular period right after and I didn't have another one until August 22. In October and now in November I spot for about a week and a half and that's it. So I find out on Friday what our course of action will be. but it will most likely be clomid. When I ask the dr about this delay in AF he said it is completely normal for it to take up to a year to regulate itself, but most usually regulate within 6 months. I hope this is helpful. What does prometrium do?


Mega - November 30

Yes, I too had long, irreg. cycles coming off of the pill. My first cycle wasn't bad, like 36 days, but they continued to get progressively longer each cycle til my 4th one off BCP was around 72 days. And I only got AF that cycle because of Provera. My dr said that your period should regulate itself in 3 mos or so, and she actually suspected I had PCOS. Which she later dx me with & my current RE confirmed. Has your dr run any tests? Done any bloodwork yet?


wondering - December 1

To Shawna: Prometrium is Progesterone that induces menstration...similar to Provera..
To Mega: Bloodwork looked good..normal...I am now on CD 63 or 64..I find it frustrating I can't ovulate on my own...and thus no af on my own. It is bizzare to take pills to induce af!! The Prometrium kills me...It makes me soooooo dizzy...I almost feel buzzed, like I had a few glasses of wine...very wierd...How do they detect PCOS??? She did an internal exam and felt my ovaries and said everything was fine...I do get a sharp pain on my right side every so often?? I asked her about it and she said it was probably nothing?!?!? I am so annoyed with my body!!


wondering - December 1

Yes, CD 64, I just checked.


m - December 1

bcp makes you deficient in b vitamins. i was in the same situation for 1 1/2 years and the straightened out after i started taking liquid b complex everyday. it tastes disgusting but it works quick.


bump - December 3



k - December 3

Yep, same situation here! I went off the pill in July, had a normal period, had another 37 days later and then didn't have one for 72 days. I started taking Vitex in the middle of the last wait and after a month I had a relatively normal period. I am also taking a multi-vitamin. Let's hope that this month I can actually ovulate again! :)
I also have an interesting situation because when I went off the pill last time (9 years ago), I had 2 periods in 9 months. I ended up getting pregnant with my healthy, wonderful daughter on cycle day 85. I had a great pregnancy with no complications. Anyway, the Vitex seems to be helping my body regulate itself. It is worth a try...I hope this helped!


to k - December 4

how much vitex are you taking? I'm the same way


k - December 4

Hi there again...I am taking 450 mg a day. I made sure to get the extract in capsule form from Solaray - they guarantee the amount of vitex per capsule. How about you? What is your situation?


to k (rae) - December 4

well I quit taking bcp 6-2002 and my cycles have been all over the charts sometimes its 60+ days or longer but every once in a while they are 30+ days. I get hopeful then thinking I am getting back to normal but it never lasts. i just started the vitex about 16 or so days ago. I started out with 2 - 500 mg capsules then started taking three. I have had some very mild cramping for a few days but thats it. do you think mabye I should back down to 1000 or mabye even less?


K - December 4

Hi Rae, cramping was a good thing for me because it started happening and then af arrived (finally). I felt like it was a good thing - something was happening. As for how much you are taking - that all depends upon what the bottle says. Dosages can vary depending upon how much extract is in the pill. I say check the bottle just to be sure. I hope vitex works for you! :)


rae - December 6

it works it works!!!! I af came today yippeeeeeeeee!!!! (okay mabye I'm a little too excited??!! :) )



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