VERY Late Ovulation, cd42, anyone else, need a 2ww companion
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Carole - August 16

Hi There! Well I am one of those unexplained fertility gals. Did injectibles with iui in June with no success. I am still on the same cycle since then. Today is cd48 for me and I have been temping this cycle, watching cm, and using opks. Pretty sure I ovulated on cd 42 which was last Thursday. Would love to have someone to chat with during this long wait. It is killing me!! Overanalyzing everything as usual!!


kare21162 - August 16

I am on CD 47, no period, negative pregnancy test. I haven't did a pregnancy test since CD 42. Usually my cycles aren't clockwork. I've only had one period that has went longer than 37 days. That was over a year ago, and then I had just been laid off of work and I was worried about my car payment and things like that. Usually I'm about 33 days on average. I would get the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, because then you would know exactly when you ovulated and your luteal phases are the same each month, so you would know when AF was supposed to start. That's what I'm going to start using once my period starts.



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