very high progesterone, but dropped Please help
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mjsmommy - September 9

Hi all, hoping someone can help. I took clomid on days 3-7. I think I ovulated around d 17. On d 22 my progesteron was 146 ng/ml. On d 26 my progesterone was 87, but my serum hcg was <5. What does this mean??? Am I pg, not pg, was I pg, but now miscarrying? Something else altogether?


Bahootie - September 9

I, too, am on clomid from days 3-7, I had at least three mature follicles and had trigger shot on day 13. My day 21 progesterone test came in at 121.5. I spoke to my doctor yesterday and he explained the high number to me. When you release more than one egg, each remaining follicle produces progesterone. So the more eggs the higher progesterone. It does not mean that you are pregnant, only that you ovulated. When your levels drop then your body is getting ready for a/f. It doesn't seem fair that we have extra eggs spit out but still can't get pregnant. How many rounds of clomid have you done? This is my third and I think I am going to move on to IUI next month. Hope all this helps!


mjsmommy - September 9

I figured that was probably why, but I guess I was hoping that there was someone out there who had the same experience, but still continued on to be pregnant. My ob was so positive when he told me the 146- he actually said "I've only ever seen numbers that high in pregancy." I wish he had just told me that it means that I ovulated several eggs but it had no relation to whether I got pg or not. The disappointment is hard to handle. We've been ttc for about 4 mos, but this is only my first time taking clomid. But I don't know, I've been reading on all these forums about "hostile mucus" from clomid, so it seems to help and hurt at the same time, which make me wonder what the point is? Do you know how much IUI costs? My insurance doesn't cover any of this stuff. By the way, what happened after the high number you had, did it drop fast and then you had a/f or are you still waiting to find out? Thanks for your help.


Bahootie - September 9

I too am paying for these treatments my self. Next step for me is IUI. I don't believe this month panned out. The doctor informed me that IUI was under 200 and I am currently spending about 400-500 for treatment so far. It has included the clomid, day 12 ultrasound, day 21 progesteron and beta test. I can empathize with you, I have been off birth control for over 4 years and been doing clomid for 3 months. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility so apparently my body just doesn't want to cooperate. I have never taken more than one progesterone test in a cylce so I do not know how much it went down. I do know that my cylces were extend from 24 days to 31 the first round and 42 the second. Hopefully this one wont drag out. You may also want to try Mucinex from day 10 on. Just the one off the shelf not the one behind the counter. It works like Robutussin and helps thin cervical mucus so spermies can travel easier. I have also used a lubricant called PreSeed because it is sperm friendly. Can't say that either worked so far but I have seen a lot posted on it. What did your doctor say about your hcg level? I am not sure what numbers are right for that area, maybe there is still a chance!


mjsmommy - September 10

I only got the test on Friday, and haven't talked to my ob about it yet. I'll let you know what he says when I find out tomorrow.


slowpoke01 - September 11

mjsmommy they say that an hcg of 5 is a possible pregnancy so dont give up until a/f shows. have it checked again in a few days and see if it rises if it does then you are pregnant. good luck


Bahootie - September 13

Have you heard anything back regarding your blood test?



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