VERY faint positive
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hopefull heather - September 21

ok well I took an ept +/- test today and after about 1-2-3 minutes i had a VERY faint positive ... (now this positive was so fait i could barley see it...but I could still see it)... now do you think that it could be that iam pregnant??? or do you think that it could be an evaporation line...???? but I was reading that the evaporation line shows up arffer the amount of time like an hour affter(mine was within the right amount of time) .. and also i hurd that evaporation lines usually are not the same color as the test mine being blue...and the line on mine was blue??? And i also hurd that the evaporation line sometimes dissaperes? mine did't??? so anyone please let me know i would love to be pregnant :)


Sara - September 21

It looks like you may be pregnant Heather. I would get blood work done to verify this. How late are you?


jessika - September 21

I think you are pregnant, When i found out i was pregnant before having miscarriage I bought a pregnancy test at a dollartree (dollarstore) and immediatly as the urine passed the lines it showed up faintly it was one of the kinds with 2 lines 1 if not pregnant 2 if you are. It was so fake i thought it just showed up slightly because of the fluids touching it but iwent to dr. later that day showed them and they said if it shows up at all you are most likely pregnant there are more negative readings on a positive pregnancy test than positive on a negative.


hopfull heather - September 21

thank you girls well I am 7 days late. but I had taken 3 other pregnancy tests.. but the other tests that I took were 2 days ago? and they showed nothing sooooo I m really hopfull were been ttc for almost a year :) so im really excited.. do you have any idea about how much it costs to get a blood test? I trully hope that I am pregnant thank you again and I'll let you know how It workes out for me .. bye


Danielle - September 21

Yes your pregnant! That very faint blue line means that the test detected some hormones in your urine:)


hopefull heather - September 21

do you think that when I took the other ests (they came out bfn) it was just to early??? I really am excited i just dont want to get so exited then have af come .... but hopefully i'am pregnant yep eee well my aunt is getting me 2 more tests tonight so ill take tomarrow.....I'll keep in touch


Anna - September 22

Heather, I got a faint +++ the day before my baby set up house. After that, all my tests came out negative. Even my blood test done 8 days past the start of implantation came back negative. Really weird! I just found out I was PG at 5 weeks. Don't give up if your af doesn't come. Give it time. It may take some time for your hCG level to build up. Good luck sweetie!


To Heather - September 22

Keep a positive mindset girl - listen to your body! This is it for you! My prayers go out for a BIG FAT POSITIVE!


hopefull heather - September 22

hey thank you girlz it's really nice to here from you I will take another test and fill you in on the deatailsok thank you again


hopfull heather - September 22

well I took another test an equate (wallmart brand) and big fat negative :( so I dont know ...maybe I just wanted to see somthing that was not even there.. im crushed... but I'll put on a smile face.. Maybe I'll start today??? I just wish I knew eather way. It's so frusterating.. but what can you do right.. I guess if I dont start buy monday I'll take another test keep your fingers crossed for me I've got mine crossed.. thanks for all of your kind words. i'll keep in touch ass all of you should. Its nice to have people to talk to.. well bye


annette - September 23

heather, have you been ctarting your temps? if so you would know exactly when you have ovulated. you would know that even if you are very regular. i am asking this coz there is always a chance that u ovulated late this cycle, and your luteal phase is still on. lp can be anywhere between 10-17 days. if u chart, see if your temps stays up till 18 dpo or more. if yes, then take a test. if you are not sure, then i would suggest you go in for a blood work. good luck!


hopefull heather - September 23

Thanks.. I dont chart I have no idea how to .. but I just took another test first responce ok... so as Im looking at it I see nothing ( my bathroom has no window and 1 crappy light) so I go into the kitchen to see ....and.... I see the faint line again??? now this line is really faint really really really faint ... so I dont know what to do ... I dont trust myself about this in my mind i'am pregnant... but the 4 other tests I have taken were bfn ( I took an ept and got a vfp about 3 days ago) so this is my 2 nd vfp and 4 other bfn.. I dont know i guess in a few days I will test agin.. the box came with 3 tests.. i dont know maybe af will come thank you again keep in touch I will



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