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raquael - June 16

hi i am baout to ovulate so i am trying my hardest to make this baby this weekend ive been taking my clearblue vutamins for 2weeks now but i have also been trying for 1 yr so im trying not to get my hopes up


Nena - June 16

Raquel we are on the same boat. I also waiting to ovulate in two three days. Let's keep our hopes up. Yesterday I checked my ovaries and I had 1.5 follicle and some smaller ones. Let's get preggo this month. (We should think positive) ;o)


J - June 16

According to my fertility monitor I am ovulating today. I had an HSG done on 6/10 and it is supposed to increase fertility so I am excited too! My hubbie and I will be working on this all week, so hopefully in 2 weeks I'll be preggo too! Good luck!


Drew - June 16

Hi ladies, I too am due to ovulate on Sunday if all goes according to schedule!! Fingers crossed for us all!
~~~Baby Dust~~~


Rachel - June 16

Ladies I too and trying to concieve But I never have my period at the same time each month. How does the fertility moniter work, which day chould I test myself, and where do I get it??


rach - June 17

lets do this,i am ovulating on sunday but i want a girl so they say have sex a few days before but doesnt sperm die in 24 hours? im confused think im having ovulation symptoms like lots of gas hmmmmmm i have done fertility test n im not ovulating yet


Amy - June 17

I though sperm could live up to 72 hours????


Drew - June 17

I was just reading yesterday that sperm can live for an average of 72 hours around the cervix, but in some cases it can stay for up to a week. How does the boy/girl timing work? We're going for the opposite...a boy cause we already have a girl. Although I'm not picky!! lol


rach - June 18

if u want a boy have sex nearer to ovulation or on ovulation if u want a girl have sex further away from ovulation like a few days before



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