VERY embarrassed!
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rebolson - October 12

OK, I don't know you all and I KNOW this is waaaay TMI, but my husband and I are ttc and last night during our "baby making time," I um.....well, I farted (Oh man, I hate that word, but fact is, I did)...loud and long. My husband stopped and said, "Oh, my....!" I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do but laugh, and if the "tooting" wasn't bad enough, I laughed so hard I peed. Right there. Peed. I WAS MORTIFIED! My husband just laughed it off and said, "Well, I guess we're done for the night, then?" Anyway, I hope he's forgotten about it, but the more I think about it, the more embarrassed I get and am worried it will affect our um...."baby making time" in the future. Again, I know this is probably tmi, but I'm sort of concerned....Any thoughts?


rebolson - October 12

I just realized I posted on the wrong board...I I'm even MORE embarrassed!!


jessiperth - October 12

lol sorry thats funny. everyone farts hun. the more ur blaise bout it in the future the easier itll be to brush it off. and as for the peeing thing..... im sure he hasnt put any thought into it. dont stress just laugh it off. after i had my 1st i laughed so hard i peed at the shopping centre... lol its just funny now.


Shauna - October 12

REBOLSON...I have done this I hope you still read this even tho it is on the wrong board. I think this is the right board...sometimes we forget the silly stuff of TTC. hee hee.


hoping - October 12

Thank you rebolson! You made my day! That is hilarious!! I won't tell my story, but suffice it to say I can relate!


rebolson - October 12

Thank you so much for the responses. I couldn't even bring myself to repost on another board. Ugh! Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!


Harriet - October 13

I needed that laugh, that's so funny. Believe me I was so mortified on my wedding night when I ... anyway, suffice as to say it was a similar tale. We're not pregnant yet but it certainly has not stopped us trying. Good Luck & thanks for making my day!



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