Very confused...weird periods...please read and answer!!!
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Beverly - October 18

I had an abortion over a year ago due to complications.ever seince then my husband and I have been trying to get prego again....It's been a year and 5 months seince the abortion...every month is different with my period.Sometimes it skips a month but most of the time it starts off in a brownish color then turns red and ends with more brown. "sorry so graphic"...this month I got really light brown discharge for only a day...never turned red.I'm scared because my periods were always heavy and crampy.Now they are light and odd in color.I just can't seem to conceive! I have tried everything immagineable!Somebody please help me toward the light with sum advice!! T

Thank you,


Beverly - October 18



Mega - October 18

Hi Beverly. I'm so sorry about your abortion, that must've been a tough time for you. Don't worry about being too graphic, I don't think it's possible to talk about this without being graphic! LOL! Anyway, what CD did you get the light brown discharge? Could it actually have been implantation bleeding? I've never seen it myself (though I'd like to!), but since it was so light & very different from your usual AF pattern, I'm wondering & hoping that's what it is for you. Have you taken a HPT yet? What CD are you on now? Let me know! Maybe we can figure out what it could be. Or someone else on this board can figure it out for you. Good luck!


beverly - October 18

Well, all my periods seem to be starting out with the brown and ending with it also.But in-between it would be a regular"red" period.Yesterday it was different.I only had a tiny bit of brownish discarge and then it stopped"which it never does".I'm just scared something is wrong.Is it normal to have "brown" in your period???I had thought the past 3 times it happend that it was implantation....but, no positive testes yet... :(:(:(:(


Mega - October 18

Lately, like the past few months, I would have a little brown blood before the regular red blood shows. It don't think it's abnormal per se, but I myself attribute that to my history of irregularity, & the fact I have PCOS. Brown blood is just old blood. If you're concerned though, perhaps you should see a dr., they can run some standard tests for you. It has been a year after all since you've been trying again. How close to AF, are you? Do you ever spot when you ovulate?


beverly - October 18

AF was actually due today .I thought it was comeing because of the brown discharge.....but, it stopped.No cramps or anything...I don't spot when I ovulate.


Mega - October 18

Are you normally regular? Have you taken a HPT yet?


bev - October 18

normally regular.... hp test say no...:(


Mega - October 18

Frustrating as it is, sometimes our AF patterns just change. However, maybe you should see your dr about checking your progesterone levels. I've heard that spotting may indicate low proges. levels. Might be worth checking out. Sorry about the - HPT.


merlee - October 20

Beverly, Hi! I hope I can help you, since I have been going through almost the same thing (light AF with brown spotting sometimes up to 5 days before and after AF) for about 2 years. Maybe you won't have to go through the waiting and frustration that I have. My DH and I have been TTC for over 3 years now and I have done a lot of research online and have learned a lot. I had always been normal (red blood 3-5 days), then was on BC for about 18 months. When I got off BC, I had a very light AF with spotting, but still 26-31 day cycle. After TTC for 1 year and no luck, I went to gyno - he was not concerned in the least about the spotting and light AF b/c I was normal (26-31 day cycle). He said "give it more time". I decided to go to RE and he was also not concerned, even though AF had gotten even lighter with more spotting. He suggested IUI with clomid. I did not like this suggestion b/c I had been reading and learning a lot about TTC and had been charting temps and watching all the signs and knew that I ovulated. Clomid is supposed to help you ovulate, which I already did. I researched some more and found herbal remedies which "promised" to remedy me. So I started taking a couple of herbs, which I believe helped somewhat with my sore BBs, PMS, headache, moodiness, etc. but everything was not "fixed". It was time again for my yearly, so I went to a new gyn, whom I like but didn't really give me anything else to go on. He was also not concerned in the least that my AF was now 5 days spotting before, 1 day light red blood, then 3-5 days spotting brown. No suggestion, except to go back to RE and get clomid and IUI. Then I found a book "The Infertility Cure" which uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to "treat" individuals as individuals not as a group of infertile women. I added herbs (handfuls 3x day) based on my "diagnosis" of blood dificiency and possibly blood stasis. I also found to be very helpful. A free live consultation with an herbalist helped me to understand what I had learned from the book. I started doing acupressure (in the book) and eating cooked greens (yuk) and really understanding how my body works and why it is not working properly. After 1 month of taking the herbs, I had less cramping, only 2 days of pink spotting, 1 heavy day of red, then 2 days of brown spotting; better, but still not good. After 2 months of taking the herbs, I had no cramps, no sore BB's, 1 day pink spotting, 3 days red, and no spotting after. I also had always gotten a headache for 2-3 days after AF started. This month I did not have a headache at all. I really think I have found what is wrong with me and am on my way to being healthy. I love the fact that I am in charge of my health and can actually do something to help me instead of relying on a doctor who doesn't even know or care to know me or my concerns. I urge you to at least look at the book or Both have a questionaire that you take and helps in "diagnosing" you to get you the right "treatment" for your individual problems. Just try it for 3-4 months and if you don't see any change, then go back to the doctor. What could it hurt? I hope I don't seem too pushy. I wish you all the luck in the world.



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