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Ceno - April 4

Why is it that those who do not want to become pregnant become pregnant, especially unintentionally? Then those who desire a child and plan for one have the only hard time in conceiving? It seems so hard to conceive sometimes and yet those who do not want the responsibility or even care for it tend to hit it on the mark every time. Am I the only one who feels that way???


Carolyn - April 4

Ceno- You are definately not alone on that one. I recently had a friend who got pregnant and she did not tell me right away. When I asked her why she stated that she was not sure what she was going to do yet. This really bothered me b/c she knew that I have been ttc for months and I recently had a m/c Aug of last yr.


Mongosmrs - April 4

I have a few suggestions for any of you who are trying to become pregnant, but are having difficulties...I'm not going to gauranty that it will work for you, because I don't know your situation, but this is the cocktail that worked for me... B-12 injections daily (have your doctor check you to see if you're low), Folic Acid daily, Evening Primrose Oil every night before bed and 2 0z of Goji juice daily. I got pregnant within three months of being on this regimen and the best part about it is that it's all natural and very inexpensive! Good luck!


K - April 4

I understand how you feel Carolyn. My friend from high school didn't tell me she had a second child until the Christmas after he was born. She sent me an email to tell me because she was sending me a picture Christmas card. I was a llittle hurt. I wrote her back letting her know that no matter what happens, I am happy for her. I will admit it was less painful knowing after the fact though. She just wanted to protect me. I have another friend who was ttc and then didn't know she was prego until the 4th month. How is that possible? Well in the end they are both great people and deserve to have the beautiful children they have. Goodluck ladies. The ones who are not trying are most likely having sex freely and without stress! I think we can all admit that ttc is a lttle stressful. ;-)


Carolyn - April 4

I think that is the trick. Not ttc. Then it you just get pregnant naturally. It seems like nothing goes the way you plan. You wait years to have children until you are where you want to be in life and then it doesn't happen. I bet if I was not ttc right now I would have been pregnant the 1st month.



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