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Pinky is tired - June 30

VENTING VENT VENT VENT ARRGGGHHH I GOT MY PERIOD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THE problem if i get normal AF's. I hate Aunt Flo I wish she was a no show at this moment. I was certain this was it. WHY ME????!???!???! Why us ladies? So very sorry to vent like this I am getting aggrevated with AUNT FLO *+*+*+Calls STRIKE!! lol NO SHOW AUNT FLO*+*+*+*+


kc - June 30

Exactly how I feel. We have tried everything. Everyday, every other day. charting everthing there is to chart and she still rears her ugly head right on schedule. IT SUCKS!!!!!


Lena - July 1

Pinky, you took the words right outta my mouth.


Erica - July 1

I coudn't have said it better myself. AF is the wickedest witch that I have ever met. Just as we are getting are hopes up...bam! Yuck! I have never enjoyed getting AF, but my hatred for her has intensified enormously since TTC. Good luck to everyone...hopefully we will all get to get rid of AF for at least 9 months some time SOON!!!!!


Beth - July 1

I had my hopes up too! I was four weeks late and thought I was pregnant for sure, then stupid AF shows up right on time for my 2nd period that I would've missed! At least I can save my pregnancy tests for next time instead of flipping out for no reason and buying more, only for them to be negative again.


Pinky - July 2

I thought I was for sure pregnant then BAM! I even got a HPT and ------ oh well ladies lets keep trying til we cant try no more. But guess what ladies as we all heard before lets be AT EASE with it. I have tried everything, My last option should be IVF but I guess I will se til that time. Talk soon ladies. AND Thanks for your replies best wishes kc, Lena, Erica and Beth. Talk soon. :) smile*+*+*+*+*+BABYDUST*+*+*+*+*



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