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jenn00 - January 15

me and my husband have been tryin for about a year in a half to get pregnant im 22 my sister in law is a total junkie pops pills smoke meth and ice whatever that is and she has 3 babies the last one she has was premature and shes been pregnant SOOOO many times and gotten abortions WHY can the junkies ALWAYS get pregnant and the people that would actually be a good mother cant it drives me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO effing crazy i just wanna beat the crap out of her she likes rubs it in my face to she is 21 by the way and immature as hell she doesnt even have her kids which is lame why would god allow her to get pregnant so many times and i cant get pregnant even once


MsMonet - January 15

Jenn00- I totally hear what you are saying and I don't understand either but I know that babies are a blessing from God. Try not to focus on others, Jenn00... Get your mind right and at peace... Some people take longer than others... I was raped by my father and got pregnant but then got an abortion. Now that that has become my past and I am married. I've been having trouble getting pregnant but I've got to keep the faith... I thought that I was being punished for the abortion but I know now that I wasn't... I was angered at first that I could get pregnant when I was raped and not get pregnant in a positive situation but I had to let it go... I had to get my mind in a positive state... Now, I am waiting for my blessing to come... No one can tell me that I cannot get pregnant... Deep within, I know I will. Just have to be patient. Instead, if you can, try and help your sister. So, she tries to rub it in your face,,, Try to ignore her and help her. What if she destroys her life and her children are left motherless? (God forbid). I know that there are some people you just can't help but if you've tried then pray for her.


linds99 - January 15

Gosh, you vent away girl...This stuff irks me too! I can't understand why and how those unhealthy (both emotionally and physically women) get preggers (even after multiple abortions. It just goes to show you, when our parents told us life is unfair, this is exactly what they mean...


jenn00 - January 15

i know msmonet i should try and help her i haven tried but she just wont let anyone right now my mother in law have 2 of her babies and her mother has her other baby so they are in a good home if she gets them they wont be in a good home ever she will never stop using for her kids she didnt even stop when she was pregnant with her last and he is premature and im so sorry that happened to you you are a VERY strong person to deal with that i dont think i would be as strong as you if that happened to me baby dust and good luck


MsMonet - January 16

Jenn00- Who knows what part you are supposed to play in your sisters life... It may be you who is suppose to play a part in her chidrens life... Be open for anything... Things do not always appear as they seem... Pray for your sister. If you can, spend time with her children. Make them feel special... Miracles can occur in the blank of an eye... I pray that God will lead you on the path that he has created for you... It's no coincidence that you have created this thread and that you have included info about your sis, her kids and you wanting kids... There is definately a blessing in all of this... I really believe so...



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