Vent about your infertility HERE!!
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mommywannabe - January 18

I am just in a rut right now. Kind of stuck. DH needs to do another SA but since he is laid of for the winter we cannot afford to spend the extra money with just my paycheck and his measly unemployment check right now. Depending on what that says we were on to IUI since regular intercourse and Clomid for ovulation induction was not working. Clomid 200mg made me ovulate but nothing happened. His first SA showed he had a lower count but still good enough for IUI. Not sure what all the numbers were but still was told should be okay for IUI. I don't want to fork out the money for the IUI unless I know we are still good male wise, ya know. I want to call my RE office and ask what they suggest until we can get that other SA done. Hate calling them at work though because everyone listens to everyones conversations. I just feel lost right now. This would be #2 for me by the way if I ever get prego. I didn't have a problem with #1 but for some reason #2 is difficult. LOL!! Also since TTC, my AF's have been all over the place to the point almost every other month I need to take Provera to induce it. That's of course when I wasn't on Clomid. UGH!! Please vent with me so I don't feel like a big stupid cry baby. Let's talk ladies


Mega - January 18

Good idea for a post, Mommy! We all need to vent now & again. This TTC stuff ain't for whimps, that's for sure. Hopefully your nurse will come up with something proactive for you to do TTC-wise that's not as costly til DH gets more work in the spring. Okay, my vent, though you know it from chatting with me in other threads. :) My AF still isn't here though I stopped the Prometrium almost a week ago. I just wanna start sticking myself with needles again! :) Okay, kidding about that part. Don't love the needles involved in IVF but I just want to get the show on the road again. How's that for a vent?!


KeiraYvette - January 18

mommywannabe I know how you feel... I actually just jumped on here to say pretty much the same thing... Im feeling so down at the moment, last few days Im constantly in tears... just feels like nothing will work for me and cant help wondering if anything will eva work... but we just keep pushing on because the end result is so worth it... Speak to them about your situation they will be able to help.. just remember that the cost before will be nothing compared to when bub is around.... baby dust to u...


iampg - January 18

mommywannabe, thank you for your admission and thread. i think ttcers need a special place to really say what's on their mind - not for someone to correct them or anything - just say it like it is without editing it for correctness. it's the most frustrating experience and only someone who's tried and keeps getting bfn's knows. you can't even safely get drunk because you're protecting all the eggs that are waiting for their chance. hugs - you'll get your bfp if you don't give up.


mommywannabe - January 18

Mega, Keira and iampg thanks for venting with me. So darn hard as you all put it. I just thought we needed a place that we could just spout off and feel like we are getting our point across or being heard for that matter. God knows men do their best but aren't there always fully, and mentally to understand. I think it encoded in their DNA to go with the flow and when you try to explain or express concern about it they are like a deer in headlights. LOL!! But keep posting away whenever you feel the "venting urge".


maryp - January 19

Hi I know how you feel... iui 1st attempt workes 2 .5 year ago I should be blless I have my son 28 month old.. Now at 40 I am trying ivf.. my ist ultrasound was this morning and the news is not good.. they only found 1 folicle the Dr said it was no point in continuing I am devestated over this new .Dr sugessted iui again tommorrow . As I write this with tears... Is there still Hope for me?


mommywannabe - January 19

maryp, I believe there is still hope. I don't think your doctor would've suggested IUI unless he had no hope. I really think it was a good idea he/she mad that suggestion. And hey it worked one time before for you, why not again.


cspears99 - January 19

Hi everyone, does anyone ever feel really anxious like you can't breathe sometimes?? we have been on a break and during that break I was sort of okay we took a few mini vacations inbetween and it seems right at the end of the vaca knowing we were going to start up again I get anxious, can't sleep, can't eat, cry all the time nervous in my stomach, its just awful almost were I can't function??? I know its not good and I am trying to keep it together especially when we are starting injections next month if my period show, the last two months it has been very late so we have had to put of starting, so I don't know I just feel really sad? let me know, I wish the best for all of you!!!


mommywannabe - January 19

cspears99, I have felt like that. I got so nervous/anxious that I would literally make myself sick. I know you said you try to relax but that's all you can do. Someone suggested to me to take a natural herb that helps with nerves to help you settle down. I never did because I couldn't find what herb it was but I am sure if you go to a nutritional store or GNC you could ask what one would take as a supplement for anxiety/nervousness. Since you'll be taken something natural it shouldn't hurt your TTC process. I had thought about taking a anxiety pill but didn't want to because of TTC. That's my suggestion though.


mommywannabe - January 19

PLEASE disregard any typos I have. It' still morning to me. LOL!!


cspears99 - January 19

Thank you mommywanabe I agree its scary to take something while trying especially when you are taking other meds, but sometimes I think I can't take it??? I am going to try to do it on my own and if things don't work this time around I have my wellbutrin in my cabinet just waiting for me?? but thank you and good luck to you, I will also keep you updated!!! best wishes :-)


mommywannabe - January 22




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