Vasectomy Reversals
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Me - December 9

I was just wondering if anyone has achieved a pregnancy after their partner had under gone a vasectomy reversal and if so how long did it take for it to happen? My husband underwent surgery in June but has yet to go back for a count, he will be going next week.


Muffy - December 13

my husband had a vas reversal in 2001. we got pregnant after trying for 18 months. unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage at 11 1/2 weeks. we were unable to concieve "naturally" after that. in 2003 we went through 3 courses of IUI w/ clomid- nothing. in january of 2004 we started going through IVF. these dr's found that my husband had the antisperm antibody. WHY the others had not???? who knows. anyway, with ASAB, the sperm can't penitrate the egg( or has a VERY hard time of it). my 1st round of IVF, i got pregnant in May, had another missed miscarriage very soon in at around 6 weeks. tried a frozen course of IVf in august & did not get pregnant. we just did our 3rd round of IVF & are pregnant with twins( have seen sacs at 5 weeks, going in for heartbeats on wednesday, the waiting is making me NUTS). i hope this helps. make sure they explain to you the ramifications of the anti sperm antibody. our 1st two doctors did not.


Kim - December 13

Thank you for your reponse it was very helpful. The possability of anti sperm was discussed by his Dr when we first went in for his consultation, so hopefully it would be something that gets picked up on, but it is a question I know to ask now. I am having a hard time getting him to even go in for his analysis because he is so scared they are going to tell him his reversal failed or that his sperm is no good. But says he will do it this week. I just want to get this first part over with because the wait is enough to drive a person nuts... could I be pregnant and is it even possible. I wish you the best with the twins and I hope everything is well on wednesday.



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