vasectomy reversal anyone in same situation !!!!!
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Faye - September 17

Hi I am in third mth ttc after dh reversal and just wondered if there was anyone out there in same boat want to go through it together!!


Star - September 17

I have been delaying to write to you. First know that all situations are different. We were 7 months post VR and still were not preg. My husbands sperm count was good, but motility was horrible. It seems he has antibodies that preven the sperm from moving very well. It happens to a small percent of men. We are now 21 months post and moving on. We had IUI 5 days ago. Our FDr thinks our best chance is ICSI. Hope your case is different.


Faye - September 17

Sorry to hear that and we know that there is a chance that could happen to us but we have to wait another 3mths before we can have any tests. All the best of luck to u


Lena - September 17

Success really depends on how long ago your husband had a vasectomy. The antibody levels increase with time. 2-3 yrs and the odds are very good. 10-15 yrs have significantly lower odds.


Faye - September 17

He had his vasectomy 7 yrs ago and reversal 3 mths ago.


Lena - September 19

After 7 years the antibodies levels shouldn't be too bad. Success really depends our your husband motility and morphology before, his overall health, and your health. At 3 months semen is just returning and it can take 6-18 months for full functionality to return. Has your husband's urologist performed a post vasovasectomy semen analysis yet?


Faye - September 19

not yet we have to wait 6 mths here in uk before having one.He has already fathered 3 children from prev marriage! and he is very fit never puts an ounce of weight on (which always annoys me!) Anyway I have just ordered a home fertility test for him which is new on market and measures both volume and motility, Just hope its easy to use.Thanks very much for anwsering by the way makes me feel so much better!!!



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