Vasectomy Reversal
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April26 - June 13

Hello! My husband had a vasectomy reversal after 12 years of his original vasectomy in Sept. of 05. We have been trying since Oct./Nov. and still no luck. The dr. said the best time to get pregnant with a reversal is 6-18 months after the surgery. He had his sperm count tested in Dec. and it was good. His count was actually higher than most normal men. However, his motility was a little low. But the dr. said that it was perfectly normal for the stage he was in. We haven't had a count done since then. My husband says if it happens, it happens. I started using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor last month hoping it would help because I had no idea when I ovulated. I got my egg for two days but AF showed her face on June 4th. Anybody have similar problems with reversal success?



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