Variocele Surgery
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suzy - July 24

Hello! Has anyone's husband had variocele surgery and then gotten pregnant? If so how long did it take after the surgery? Thanks!


Mimi - July 25

Hello Suzy! In my first marriage, my hubby had the surgery done and it took 8 months for me to get pregnant with my first child. I had a friend who her husband had the same surgery and she was pregnant in 2 months. So I guess it varies. I hope this helps and the best of luck to you.


suzy - July 25

Mimi, Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate it!!! Thanks again!


Mimi - August 8

Suzy, you are very welcomed...and I wish you the best of luck with your bundle of joy!! Take care.


Brandi - August 11

Suzy-let me know if your husband does it and it works, my husband is a baby and doesn't want to do it he's scared but I'm afraid we'll never get pregnant if we don't do it.


suzy - August 20

Hey Brandi, The surgery was 2 weeks ago and he is doing fine. A little sore and he can't lift anything heavy. I will let you know how it goes! Keeping my fingers crossed!


Mimi - August 20

Suzy, congrats! He did it! Alot of men are afraid of the surgery bc they don't want anyone "messing down there" as my ex would say. :) However, he will recover soon and the rewards are all worth it. Best of luck to you!!!! Brandi, it is normal for the men to feel afraid. My ex kept saying NO, NO, NO. In my mind I kept saying: YOU ARE GETTING IT DONE! LOL Yet, I didn't want to push it since I didn't want to scare him further away. I wanted it to come from him. I was so depressed that I cried alot and one day he called the house from work and he could tell by my voice that I had been crying and just said: "Call the Dr. and schedule the surgery, but do it NOW b4 I change my mind. " Of course, I called in a matter of seconds. Once it was scheduled, we never looked back. Tell your husband that many men have had it done and that the rewards have been immense. I pray he changes his mind. Best of luck to you too! Tons of baby dust to u both!!!


suzy - November 3

Any updates for anyone? Any luck? Still waiting here...It has been 3 months since my husbands surgery.....


Sara - November 3

Hi, I don't know if this helps but my mother only had 1 fallopian tube and my father had a low sperm count due to a variocele vein. He had the surgery to correct it and my mother took Clomid and they ended up with 3 children, I'm not sure how long it took for them to get pregnant but I know my mom was pregnant with me after the 2nd month on Clomid. Good luck to you and lots of baby dust.


suzy - November 4

Thanks Sara. Any words of encouragement help!



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