Varicocele Surgery
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Stacitx - July 6

Has anyone's husband had this surgery? If so, did it improve his counts, motility, morphology, etc. And if it did, then by how much? Were you able to conceive naturally? If you were, how long after the surgery did your BFP happen? Thank you so much for your input!


Blakey - July 6

Hi Staci-
After ttc on our own for 3 yrs and nothing, we finally went to a fertility clinic. I had all the tests done before treatment, I found out I had endometriosis, and cysts, and After 4 cycles of iui, all BFN, we were worried, and DH got tested. We were concerned because when doing the iui's his count was very low, just 2-3 million. . He saw a specialist, and was diagnosed with vericocele. That definitely explained the low counts. He chose NOT to have the surgery, because the Eurologist said their was no guareentee that the surgery would improve his count. We are older, I am 40, and DH is 43. The Dr told him that if he was younger, chances would be better for him, for possible higher counts/results. His Dr recomended we do IVF/ICSI, and so did our RE. That was our course of treatment. It turns out that after 3 cycles of IVF, I did get pregnat, but sad to say I m/c.. this past April at 12 weeks. This was our first pregnancy. I recently met with my RE to talk about our next IVF/ICSI cycle. She said that course of treatment was good for our situation, and we had 5 mature follicles in my successful cycle out of 7 (had 11 initially) and 3 fertilized. that's the great thing about icsi, they take the best sperm, and then inject the sperm directly into the egg, for fertilization. He also has low motility, so that is the only treatment that will work for us.
All the best in whatever you and your DH decide. It is really a personal choice. I know that my DH and I did a lot of research on line regarding stats etc...and again, individual results vary. For us, it was the fact that the Eurologist said that their was no guarentee the surgery would improve his count, so we didn't want to take the chance,. Also the recovery period was going to be about 4 months for him to get his sperm back, and developing properly, and we just didn't have that time to waste. I would advise IVF/ICSI if you can do is highly recomended for men with low counts/vericocele, that may be your best cousrse of action if your husband opts not to have the surgery. Also, my husbands Dr. put him on clomid, that also brings up the count, but again, if doing ICSI it's not really a factor. But if your doing iui's, or trying on your own it may help. Good luck to you in your journey!!


lisnel - July 6

Stacitx, my husband just had the varicocele surgery on June 7. We have been ttc every since we got married 16 years ago. He had children from a previous marriage so we never thought anything was wrong with him. I finally talked him into getting checked this year and they found that he had varicocele. The urologist seemed to think that the surgery could help our chances so he had it done. I was diagnosed with endo last summer so now I am taking the lupron shots for 6 months to help me. Hopefully with both of us getting this maybe we will be able to concieve. I hope that we do. Also, my husband just turned 46 and I am 41. I have no children yet. I have been posting a little over on the endo/Lupron thread. but I have been reading alot of the other threads also and I still have hope because of the stories that I have read on here. Good luck, I hope it works for you and me.


Aimee M D - July 6

Stacitx - My DH was recently diagnosed with a zero count...we go back to the urologist to discuss options in a couple of weeks. He is concerned that he also has a varicocele. I don't know if he will be willing to do the surgery... I think it all depends on the chances of success. Please, keep me posted on your choices and out come. Blakey - Good luck to you and DH. I have a feeling that if sperm are produced and retrieved, we will probably have to do IVF/ICSI. The cost scares me. I worry about us being able to provide for a child after spending so much to have one. I guess you have to have faith that it will all work out. Lisnel - Good luck to you and DH as well. I have a good friend that has endo and had gone through chemo for lymphoma several years back. She was told that she probably couldn't conceive due to the previous treatments and she now has a beautiful baby girl. I am 28 and DH is 36 and neither of us have children. I will keep you all in thought and prayer for success! Baby dust to all! [email protected]


Blakey - July 6

Aimee- thank you for you wishes. I too pray that when the time comes to do ICSI again, we will have success again, and this time a healthy 9 months! I understand what your saying regarding the cost, we have been paying out of pocket this whole time...yikes!! We have pretty muich gone through most of our savings...but if the end result is getting our baby, it is well worth it. Even when the time comes to do our next cycle, it will most likely be our last. It's so sad that it comes to that, as far as the financial stress, nd not being able to afford treatments. I so empathisize on how you are feeling. I wish you ll the best too with your journey...thinking of you! Stacie- good luck also to you and your husband, with what ever you guys decide! all the best!!! Hugs!


Stacitx - July 6

Thank you all for your responses. My husband had the surgery a week ago, so hopefully here in the next year we will be able to post our success story! Best of luck to all of you!!


lisnel - July 6

Stacitx, are you from Texas? i am from Athens, Tx. :Blakey, if you don't mind me asking. About how much does the IVF/ICSI procedures cost? I have never tried any of the iui or ivf procedures because I was afraid of the costs. The only reason we've done as much as we have is because my insurance covered it. I don't believe it would cover IVF though.


Blakey - July 6

Hi lisnel-
IVF is exspensive, here is Boston, 1 cycle costs close to $10,000 (and that doesn't even include the meds)- MA is a mandated state, but it depends on what kind of Ins. you have. My DH is a federal employee, and we have our Ins. through him- it's appo plan, which is a great ins. but unfortunately does not cover any of our IF treatments. We have been with our clinic for 3 yrs. after trying for 3 on our own. It does cover my bloodwork, and ultrasound monitoring, and some of the meds, so that helps a little bit. iui's are much less $$$- they are around $400 but they didn't work for us, after having 4, and my RE told me we needed to be more aggressive especially with my age (I will be 41) and most likely won't get pregnant on our own, especially with issues on both sides. It's funny, because we both look really young, people think we're both 10 yrs younger, and we feel it too, but it's my eggs that are getting older! Lisnel- has your doctor ever suggested you speak to an RE (reproductive endocrinologist)? Ithat may be a good place to start. Good luck to you...they have loans that you can apply for IF treatments, you can look into, also your clinic may be able to help you out. All the best to you!!


lisnel - July 6

Blakey, thanks for your response. You and your dh sound just like me and my dh. as in my earlier post he is 46 and i am 41. I just can't give up yet though. i have to at least try everything possible that I can afford. The sad part is, now that I'm on the lupron i have to wait another 4-6 months before we can even start trying again. I've only had 2 shots so far so I have 4 more to go plus it will probably take another month or 2 before af shows up again. As far as my gyn suggesting an RE, he hasn't. But I really don't think there is any in my area. I would have to drive all the way to Dallas and that just isn't possible with my job. I just wish that I would have known all this stuff years ago before my biological clock became a ticking time bomb. I'm just glad I found this site. I've been reading alot of the posts from the other threads and the stories give me hope. Oh, and my step daughter is pregnant with her first child and is due any day now. How's that for irony? I am a grandmother before i'm even a mother. my step son also has 2 children so at least I have grand kids to spoil if I don't ever get my BFP. Good luck to you and all the others. I hope we all get our BFP some day.


iddy biddy - July 6

can somebody help me from here?
i am trying to get pregnant. i am supposed to be on my period but i only bleed during sex.


lisnel - July 6

iddy biddy, do you usually have a normal period? or are they usually hit and miss. When was your last normal period?


Blakey - July 6

Dear Lisnel- I understand how you are feeling. I am still waiting for my AF to arrive. After my d&c in April, I knew it would be delayed, but it's been almost 3 months, and I too am on hold until I get it. I did see my RE today, and I definitely I was so happy th hear that my body is getting back on track. My levels all looked good, and HCG is at 0. My Re said I should get a period within the next 7-10 days...I pray I do (that just sounds so wrong but in this case...I hope so! I have had 2 ruptured cysts in the past 2 months, right when my period should have been due. My RE was concerned and thought I may have an obstruction due to scar tissue from the d&c, I am praying that's not the case and that my period will show up next weekend, I really don't want to have another laporscopy. If I need it, obviously willl have to do it, but it's all these delays now, and obstacles...I feel like my body has been through so much the past few months. I hope that everything will work out for you. Now that your DH has had the surgery...I hope that will really make a difference for him. That's a bummer regarding RE's not being in your area...that sure does make it difficult. I have heard that from other women also, that they are driving like 3 hours to get to their clinic...God bless them. I am fortunate that I only have to drive about 30 minutes. Here in Boston their are several RE's to choose from, in the city, and locally . Yes, that is so ironic that your stepdaughter is due any day circle of life huh? I feel that way too, I have cousins who are in theri 20's having babies, and here I am trying for hope it will work out for all of us! All the best hun...and please keep posted. Your right, you will get a lot of inspirration here on the different threads...and get the support you may need. All the best...:)


caryberry - July 10

Yes, my Husband had this done last April. Tomorrow he goes in for his first Semen test. I will let you know. We have still been trying!! The surgery recovery was a lot harder than planned, but only because of his build! any questions please e-mail me. -Cary


jackrabbit - January 23

I would suggest varicocele embolization to anyone that has issues with a varicocele. My wife and I had given up because the fertility clinic only suggested IVF even though we knew the issue was on my end and had to be fixed somehow. I contacted a urologist and he diagnosed me with a varicocele. I had the embolization done a few months later. Three months after the surgery my wife and I are expecting our first child. After trying unsuccessfully for almost two years we finally have our little miracle on the way. It is amazing how the male factor infertility always gets overlooked.


jussica - January 26

I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 years of been married. My husband and I have been seeing fertility specialist. We have done our best but no luck. My husband has a sperm count which goes up and down, the doctor has recommended him taking the Proceed supplement which he is doing over 3 years with no change in the situation .. I am was so confused until i contacted this powerful spiritual woman advised by my friend, so I contacted her and I told her all about my problem, so she agreed to help me, she prayed for me and she sent me some native herbal medicine, which i use, she told me to meet with my husband.. within a 2 weeks i used the medicine she sent me i was uneasy with my self, i started having morning sickness and hormonal changes. I immediately went to the my doctor and it was confirm that I was pregnant.. all thanks to Dr natasha for helping me and my family, i am now a proud mum of a baby boy... Do you need help of such kind then contact Dr natasha, she can definitely help you. this her email address'' pregnancyherbs AT pregnancyherbs AT



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