Valentine's Ruined! AF showed, Big Time :(
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sherry - February 14

well, iam not only out for this cycle, but i got af on the worst of all days, valentine's day morning. the first day is always torture for me, so iam sure the evening will be wonderful, on top of the dissapointment, and pain. man, couldn't it have just waited until tomorrow? is anyone in my shoes? i feel like crying right now.


Dianna - February 14

Im so sorry to hear that Sherry. I have seen your post and I was hoping that today would of been a special event on a day like this.I am 3dpo and he does not seem so exciting for me anymore. I see so many people getting disapointed and crying it makes me feel bad. I am on Metformin and Clomid my first round of Clomid been on Metformin for six month. my nipples are so sore and it feels like needles. I walk around with nothing on anything that touch it irritates them. I guess it's the side effect I didn't go to work today I got ready and changed my mind. We go through so much to get pg and then get let down and we put our self through the same thing again. I truly hope you get to conceive. Don't give up


Mega - February 14

I'm so sorry, Sherry. AF always has the worst timing, doesn't she. Pamper yourself today, AF day is never easy. Hang in there.


dea - February 15

Have a nice, large adult beverage. Following closely, or done simultaneously, with a steamy hot bath.
Good luck next month!


Dee - February 15

I'm so sorry sherry! that sucks. af was supposed to show up yesterday, but never did...not today either yet. i think it has to do with all of the stress lately though. so i'm still waiting for her because i'm pretty sure i'm not pregnant this time. like dea said...have a nice LARGE adult beverage and take a hot steamy bath.



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