vaginal sonogram came out good....
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mgn - September 26

so i had my sonogram today and the doc is calling me tonite but the lady that did the exam told me that everything looks good. in other words, no cysts, no PCOS, etc. i know it is far from being told i am preggers but it felt so good to know that my 1st fertility exam came out good. (bad for hubby though as it might be him that is the problem...that is yet to be determined) but anyhow i wanted to metion (which i found this very interesting) that she told me my uterus is tilted which is normal but she said that can be a reason that it is taking longer for us to conceive??? hmmm? i never thought of that? it does not mean INFERTILE just that those little buggers have a hard enough time getting to the egg let alone throwing a tilted uterus in the mix :) i guess i will have to elevate my legs after all.............hope everyone is having a hopeful day like i am.....i know we can use more of these than the unhopeful ones.......which i have had my fair share of as well.......good day to u all....


MelissaV - September 27

Glad you got good results...I too have a tilted uterus and hear about ladies all the time with the same issue. All in all, though I don't think it's a big issue. Can I ask if it was just a sonogram or an HSG (where dye is put through your tubes)?


mgn - September 27

it was just a sonogram. i just started a fertility work up so doc has me scheduled for sonogram, blood work on 22nd day on my cycle, and some sorta x ray on the 6th day on my cycle. she also ordered a semen analysis for dhubby. i would think if all that comes back normal she might get a bit more detailed. did u have the dye one?


MelissaV - September 28

I see...I bet the xray thing is the HSG (hysterosalpingiogram) on the 6th day, because they usually do it during or immediately after your period. I did have an HSG done last year and with mine they inserted the dye & checked it with the vag ultrasound. The 22nd day is probably to check your progesterone levels. I hope everythng comes out normal for you---good luck!



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