vaginal sonogram?
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mgn - September 25

hello. thanks for reading my post. i am scheduled for a vaginal sonogram tomorrow and was wondering if anyone could let me know what happens and also what they are looking for? i am a little nervous. dh and i have been ttc for a year now so my doc told me that this is the first step twds finding out if there is anything wrong.


mrshorse - September 25

While I didn't have one done at the beginning of ttc, I have had many, many done since. I don't know how much you're wanting to know about the process of one, but it's pretty much painless. They just insert a long wand and measure different things in your uterus. For me they would measure thickness of the lining, # of follicles and size of them. I don't know if I've helped or not, but if you have a more specific question I'd be happy to try to help. I will check back here in a little while. I wish you the best of luck and lots of baby dust!


isa - September 25

Hi there. I had one last week. I was scheduled to come in after af but before ovulation. The first day was a full bladder u/s and they did measurements like a normal u/s so they could compare it to the next days when they do the sono and inject dye or saline or something inside. It was painful like the hsg but just momentarily when he injected the stuff in me. I did have some spotting later on that day from the dye (which was coloured ). I took a panty liner to use after wards just to protect from any leakage of the dye but it wasnt much at all. (more when I wiped after I went to the bathroom later on then actual spillage). They are looking to see if there are any uterine abnormalities or adhesions. Mine was done b/c I am having ivf and my RE does it for all his ivf patients. The comparison of the one day to the next shows if there are any problems b/c the dye will go into little adhesions etc that didnt show up on the day before's normal u/s. Good luck in your ttc journey. I hope I helped some. Oh I took a couple advil before the procedure but it didnt help.


isa - September 25

Here I copied this over for you from a website: "This is also an ultrasound procedure which uses no radiation. This exam helps to better visualize the inside of the uterus and endometrium. Submucosal fibroids and polyps can easily be identified by this method.

The exam takes approximately half an hour. It is often performed right after a period ends. The patient is positioned similar to a gynecology exam and the area is cleaned with special soap. A small catheter is inserted through the cervix and a small balloon is inflated to hold it in place. Sterile saline is injected into the uterus and ultrasound pictures are obtained. During the procedure you may experience some cramps similar to menstrual cramps. These cramps can last for a short time after the study and are a normal sensation."


isa - September 25

my RE watched on the ultrascan screen what happened as he injected the stuff into me. There was an ultrasound tech there doing the monitoring for the RE. It was kinda neat to watch but just try and stay as relaxed as possible so it wont hurt as much.


mgn - September 25

thanks. i am worried now as i am in my tww and i hope that if i did concieve it would not hurt anything?? i mean, i probably did not but u know how u always wonder?? i hope if i am pregnant that it would not cause me to mc.


isa - September 25

mgn - scan the internet with google queries and see what it says. I cant believe it would be a problem for m/c but everything I read about them it said do it after af and before ovulation (dont remember why though). I will see if i can find any info on it. I think the reason of when they do it is because they dont want af for obvious reasons as the blood would hide the dye and not show up on the sceen but not sure why before ovulation.


isa - September 25

mgn all i could find was stuff saying between cd7-11 and ones that said after af and before ovulation. Perhaps call your clinic and ask them about it. Are they aware you are in your 2ww? I dont know why everywhere I see it that it says before ovulation but only your RE can answer that for you.


TracyR - September 25

mgn... My experience with a transvaginal ultrasound is the same as mrshorse. I think that isa might be describing an HSG test (I think that might be the name of it... I havn't had that one... yet). For my vaginal U/S (I've had many-I have PCOS and a dermoid cyst as well that they like to monitor) I didn't have to have a full bladder... you go in and they give you a gown and you take off your underwear and lie back on the Gyno table with your knees bent and open (yuck...) and they insert a probe into your vagina and scan your ovaries using that. It sucks... my last couple were a little uncomfortable and embarrassing of course but not that bad really. And it doesn't take that long. I think that they get a far better view of your ovaries this way. And possibly your uterus as well. There was never an dye involved for me. But let me know how it goes for you. Good luck and even though it's embarrassing, remember if you get pregnant, it'll all be worth it!


isa - September 26

TracyR we are referring to a sono also known as a sonohystogram (not a transvaginal ultrasound). What you are describing is what happens during monitoring of follicles and what we are describing is for uterine abnormalities, fibroids, polyps, adhestions etc. when a solution is put up inside you to be read on an ultrasound montor to what to see what the dye/solution is doing. A transvagainal ultrasound merely a "dildo wand" is much different than what we are ddscribing. An HSG is also different than what I am describing (had that too and the pain was very similar). Transvaginal u/s are painless and nothing is injected into you, just the wand is placed in the opening of the vagina for monitoring perposes.


isa - September 26

I just re read what mrs horse wrote and she too described a transvagainal ultasound not a sono which was what mgn was asking about.


isa - September 26

TracyR my appologize, it looks like we are both talking about sono's as both we described are also called sono's. My clinic called what I was describing as a sono but I found on another site a transvaginal u/s also called a sono so I guess we are both right I was refering to the sonohystogram and you were referring to the other. Learn something new every day.


SashaP - September 26

I think you probably just having a regular sonogram to check for things that mrshorse already stated. I had a sonohystogram and HSG 2 days a part before cd 10. They are both very planned procedure b/c they can't do it if you maybe pg. Good luck with your sonogram!!



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