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virgina - April 8

Anyone have a vaginal septum. Does it mean I have
other defects and can't get pregnant because of it? Feeling deformed.


Cutie - April 8

I have a uterine septum, did you mean uterine? Or you meant vaginal? Did the doctor tell you that you have it? He should have explained, I too feel deformed, however I am going to see Reprod. Endocr. in two month and I know that uterine septums may be fixed and then I can try getting pregnant. Virginia, are you having painful intercourse? Or what are you symptoms. I will try to help, Lots of love, Cutie


Virgina - April 8

I was born with a septum top part of my vagina..doc found it when I was 14 and hadn't had a period yet. They tried to fix it but it kept growing back. Now there's a tiny hole in it so I AF get through. Didn't bother me so much cos it's only about an inch from cervix. Recently has some miscarriages and went to ER who said I should have MRI of kidney and uterus because septums in the upper vagina can also mean in the uterus and even kidneys. Cutie...does your doctor want you to have imaging of your kidneys? What's your pregnacy/miscarriage history, and how did doc. discover your uterine septum. For me, having miscarriage is already hard enough without also have the possibility of yet ANOTHER crappy defect.


Cutie - April 9

Hi Virgina. I have had some problems with long, unstopabble bleeding with a lot of blood clots. However I didnt have insurance, so didnt see a doctor untill later. I think I had a miscariage (spontaneous) however when I went to ER and to the doctor later they said the tests are neg. and I couldn't have been pregnant, however I strongly think that I did, because I had all of those symptoms just before the bleeding. Anyway, I had to go to ER and then spend two days at the hospital for a really bad pain... worst in all my life...., they did many tests, which included CAT scan, thats how they found out that I have a uterine septum, however the doctor doesnt think it completely divides the uterus. Thats why she sent me to RE Reproductive Endocrinologist (they are also GYNO doctors) I am still waiting for the appt. My pain is still there but not as bad as it was and they still can not find out the cause of it. I also had ultrasounds, and during that they checked my kidneys, and when I asked them why, they told me that kidneys and uterus forms at the same time in an embroyo. GOD BLESS you, please let me know how your tests go, I am always here for ya, Bye


Rhonda - April 30

Hi ladies....I last year was diagnosed with a first bicournate, then after Lap,hystero Septated.....had one attempt by my regul gyn to resect the septum...HSG and sonohys later found out it didnt was referred to UNC RE---just yesterday had a hystero attempt to resect the septum----He found that I had a vaginal septum--double......which now is ONE cause he cut it.....talking about waking up from anthes. and dh telling me this i was like WHAT!---he didnt even get to cut my septum cause there was block or narrowing on one side....I have a pic of my HSG its wild....but so much fluid can go in and out then it gets too risky so he had to stop..and he didnt want to risk punturing my uterus. so he is going to get back with all the Drs in his RE group....and we will have to do a LAP, HYS....I am guessing in JUNE---but I really dont understand how I had two vag....or a wall....the RE dosent understand how my GYN could have missed that....Good Luck to you all!--hey this is called Mullierian anomalies ladies and I know a great group if yall are interested email me at [email protected]


alex - May 5

I have a vaginal/uterine septum. It hasn't stopped me from having children. I have a healthy 4 year old and am now pregnant with my third baby. I miscarried my second baby last year, but that was because the heart never started beating. This baby is due soon and I know nothing will happen to her. Sometimes it is painful to have sex if my husband bumps the septum in the middle, but otherwise, as long as we stick to my comfortable side, sex is never painful. However, my doctor said that I have a preferred side of my uterus to get pregnant on because it is stronger than the other side. Hope this helps.


alex - May 5

Does anyone know about having a VBAC with a uterine septum? Are you more likely to rupture your uterus?


Cutie - May 5

Alex, have you had it removed before you got preggo? My doc is recommending to see RE and get it removed. I only have Uterine Septum... I am praying to God that I get pregnant without those doctors.... all they want is our money.... I have bad experience with doctors and hospital.


Rhonda - May 21

Well it I guess depends on how WIDE your septum is--I have a pic if anyone wants to see of my HSG! its wild! I go on Thurs for my post op to see what our plan is to once again TRY and resect the septum thats in my uterus! hopefully no more suprises.....I am kinda scared for him to tell me to just TRY and see if you miscarry--i would rather not--cause its so THICK! but I am scared to have another lap--they are no fun.....ugg...its so stressful....there is a mullierian birth defect group which is what thtese are if anyone is interested--there is alot info on there--and even some that have givinen birth.



Tanya - June 21

I have a vaginal and uterine septum. The vaginal septum was found on my first visit to the OB/GYN. The uterine septum was found after giving birth. The placenta did not release from my uterus, so they had to do an ultrasound and then a DNC. The vaginal and uterine septum did not prevent me from getting pregnant, nor did it cause a miscarriage. However,it did cause premature rupture of my water ( 8 weeks). I went on bed rest and waited, my daughter was born 6 weeks early weighing in at 3 pounds 6 ounces. The uterine septum caused her to run out of room to grow. My vaginal septum dilated along with my cervix and the help of my doctor during delivery. I am now in the process of finding out how to solve the uterine septum problem so that I may begin trying for my second baby.


Mia - June 22

Hello, I found out this Jan. that I have double uterus, cervix, and vagina along with one kidney. I have always had heavy periods that last no less than 15 days. I complained since I started my period to my docs. It wasn't until I moved to GA did I find all this out. Well it goes a lot deeper than just double organs. May I suggest you see a rhematologist? I did and I was diagnosed with connective tissue disorder. That is what has caused my organs to not fuse together. Sooo.....June 30 I will get my vaginal septum removed but the Reproductive Endo (Dr. Mark Perloe of Atlanta) will not do anything to the uteri or cervixes because he says I will have too much scar tissue that will cause me to miscarry on top of me having miscarrages from just the double organs. So he told me once I become pregnant, I will have to get a Cervical Cerclage. They have to fin which uteri I will be pregnant in the find that cervix and stich it up at 9wks of pregnacy. So that the baby won't come out. IT will for sure if I don't get that procedure. I hope this helps.


JACKIE - June 28



francesca Eubank - July 13

I also have a vaginal septum(it goes from top to bottom)You will be happy to hear that three years ago I had a beautiful baby girl at 39 weeks. The only problem I encountered with the pregnancy was that the baby was breech. Which really is no problem at all. I had to have a c-section, but I had a healthy baby! You should check to see if you also have a double uterus. I do and it still should not affect pregnancy or the ability to become pregnant. I was told by me OBGYN that I would have no more problem getting pregnant than the next person. So, I hope this has helped. Don't worry, it is not as unusual as you think!



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