Vaginal dryness during sex - HELP!!!
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Eggsy - February 17

I have been married for 10 years and was using condoms. Lately I have experienced dryness during intercourse (we have been ttc for the last few months), which makes it kind of difficult. I have never experienced this before. Are there any products that I can use to help alleviate this that won't damage sperm. I was looking for a more permanent solution if possible. I am 31. PLEASE HELP!!!


mulgajill - February 17

I read on one of the 'mums over 40' sites that lube is a sperm killer... and to use plain baby/massage oil if required, which is ok... just dont drench yourself with it!!! good luck! Also if you are a long time condom user you are probably used to the fact that condoms are slightly lubricated and it is easy just to "go for it" just give it a bit of time... tell hubby to take it a bit slower, this may help too.


Cutie - February 18

I agree with mulgajill that lube's can kill sperm... but I use K-Y jelly sometimes... hope that helps. You can buy it at any store/


Gina - February 18

There is a product called "preseed" that was made to be a lubricant for people ttc. It allows the sperm to safely swim through it. I believe you can order it at


Jena - March 18

don't use KY! It acts as a wall to sperm. There is stuff called "Pre Seed" that you can get at and also the other recommendation sounds great, too. good luck - i'm in your same position!!!


rae - March 18

i heard of, and actually tried pre seed myself, its a GREAT lube and i heard it carries the sperm almost as well as regular cm. but on another note i heard this rumor about robotussin, or tussin, so i decided to try it and noticed a BIG change. i was actually skeptical, but it costs like $2 a bottle and you're supposed to take 2tsp 3 times a day, but i only take 1tsp 2times a day and havnt been dry at all. i love it. but make sure whatever you get has guaifenesin as the only active ingrediant b/c other cold or cough meds have things in them that will actually dry u up. hope this helps.


Gina - March 18

I have heard that preeseed works well. It is sperm friendly! I have heard that many woman get pregnant while using it, some even give the credit to using preeseed.


Tammy - March 29

I was experiencing the same thing, but what we did was a little more four play. I would perform oral sex on him while he would play with my vagina.


trixie - April 13

Yes! Preseed is a winner. While most other lubricants kill sperm, Preseed mimics what the body produces with aiding sperm to the ovum. Also, egg whites are protein which is the same thing that sperm is made of. Preseed and egg white both aid in transmitting the sperm in a friendly environment. So don't think you're foolish for wanting to use one of the two. The other women I suggest you sit down and catch up with your reading(s).


Melissa - April 13

I was skeptical about Robitussin but it does really help the CM big time. I never used to see much down there and now well you get the picture. Also I have also heard about pre seed but it is a little expensive for me. I have tried egg whites, kinda messy just use a little


Aleisha - April 14

If you go to a pharmacy you should be able to find replends. It is lubrication injections that you put into your vagina 3 times a week. I was having terrible troubles and I only used it once and problem solved. I really reccomend this product. it doesnt kill the sperm either.


to tammy - April 15



embarrased to say - April 15

Hey we have the same problem. I"m late 30s and very dry. i started using a vibrator 1 hour before we have sex and it makes a huge difference. it seems to really get me wet. I bought the preseed but i paid 30 american for it plus duty/customs tax to get it to canada of $8 and its only 6 tubes. (1 tube per session) so im waiting to use it. I read their pamphlet and it does not say will aid in assisting preganancy and they wont be testing it for that either so that kinda put me off. dont use any saliva, ky or any other lubes they are no nos and was warned by doc that egg whites can cause u to get infections. ouch. It isn't fair, apparently you dry out as you get older and those that were on the pill apparently dry out too. ugh



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