uterus infection and another pregnancy
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emily - September 27

Hi!!! Two years ago at age 23 I gave birth to my little angel boy. I was doing good during my pregnancy, I didn't have any health problems untill the delivery when my son was presented with respiratory distress and spent one week in NICU. It was really difficult time for me specially when four days after delivery I was taken back to the hospital with 104.5 fever and charge with uterus infection. I am trying to have another baby but unfortunately for the past year pregnancy tests were all nagative so I was wondering If this infection have something to do with my trouble to conceive again???? I hear that some infections can damage some organs in uterus or even cost infertility. Is this true or my conrens are graundless???? Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it


Michelle - September 28

I can't really say if the infection is causing your problems conceiving but you really should talk to your doctor. He/she would know best. I hope that your problems end soon. Good luck!



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