uterine fibroids and TTC
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Francise - May 17

has anyone been diagnosed with uterine fibroids and has gotten pregnant without having any surgical intervention? What worked for you?


Mich - May 18

I have one small uterine fibroid on the outside of my uterus which slightly pushes into my uterus making it bumpy in one spot which can (but does not definitely) prevent a fertilized egg from implanting. My doctor said they might be able to remove this fibroid by pulling it through the uterine wall via the vagina, but they weren't sure. I opted not to have this done as sometimes it can cause scar tissue which can also cause problems conceiving. If they can't remove the fibroid vaginally, they must do it surgically which will mean you need several months to recover before you can try to conceive again. Good luck.


Francise - May 19

Thanks for sharing your experience. I heard about the scar tissue thing and the recovery time and opted to not have surgery. Good luck to you too!



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