Using Robitussin for CM anyone?
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ema52 - October 27

Has anyone tried using Robitussin for CM? I went ahead and bought Robitussin, but does anyone know the active ingredient that makes you have more CM? In addition, I have been taking the Robitussin 2 tsps 2xday as suggested by many of you on a different thead, but have any of you experienced a smell when you go to the bathroom?...sorry tmi! I'm just curious.


gls - October 28

ema52 I found a really awesome site to find out about Robitussin. I've never actually used it (Robitussin) myself, but this site was really informational ------- hopefully that will help you out. I will definitely be taking it this cycle. I am on cd8 today and I have two more pills of clomid to take (including todays) so I will start taking the Robitussin on cd10. Anything that might help to get preggo right?!


Chas - October 28

Hi ema, it's the guanifesen (sp) that is the active ingredient. You should get the kind that only has that in it. Not the DM, or whatever else they make. I have used it a couple of months and I haven't really seen a difference, and I have not become pg yet. I used preseed this month so I will let you know if it worked. It is suppose to be good for cm issues and get the sperm where it needs to go !!
Good luck !



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