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orim5 - April 21

hi all, my cycle is anywhere from 25-28 days give or take and i was testing with OP strips and well i tested thursday the 13 in the pm and then mid afternoon friday and then again friday PM well , they came out positve.... so i figured i might have ovulated sat? the question here is , that was to be true if my cycle was to be 25 days, so in knowing this i been testing ever since and no positive, ( if my cycle was to be 28 , i would haved Od on the 18) now yesterday i was really achey and today as well but not mentral achey, i dunno i just need some input, i had a tubal reversal in march so this is the fiorst time im doing all this so advise would be nice thank you


orim5 - April 21

am i in the wrong spot for anwers?


Sweetpea - April 21

What is your question?



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